Guardian Spirits – Remember!

Many of us have heard of the term, spirit guide. And these are beings that have agreed to assist us while we are incarnated, although they do not incarnate simultaneously; usually. However, Guardian Spirits are those that have come into incarnational experience/expressions to assist Gaia and humanity; from other planets/realms that have already been through ascension process themselves.

These are those that have purposely “dawned” a human incarnational experience, at this time. Though, they are from other planets/realms, they have purposely come to assist humanity and Gaia in their ascension. As a result of “already” having done this before, their energies are greatly assisting those that are choosing to ascend; as well as Gaia.

And these ones must “face” all of the challenges that all of humanity must go through. According to the rules, humans themselves, setup for this particular reality. Thus, they too had to “dawn” the “band of forgetfulness.” So, when they arrived, they too had t…

Thanks Suzanne Lie & Arcturians

Preparing for First Contact: Landing in a Frequency Near You by Suzanne Lie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians do a marvelous job at simplifying our process of ascension. And our galactic family is very encouraging to us, at this most auspicious of times. I highly recommend this book, if you resonate with ascending from growth that takes place from within to the without. This is “truth,” as I see it, as I totally resonate with their guidance/instruction. Much honor, gratitude and blessing for all that you bring to us, Suzanne and the Arcturians.

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Thanksgiving (As above, So below)

We are told by the Ascended Host that we bring into our reality, seeds and actions that occur from our visits to the Ascended realm. And that they had originally instituted a day of thanksgiving for their joy of service with/for us.

And as we are ever guided by these Divine loving beings, we “picked-up” this holiday from their energy, as well as our participation in it, and carried it forth into our reality. Much like we bring forth many of their teachings from their realm, we also bring forth energetic frequencies as well as experiences; that are existing in the Ascended realms.

The paradox, is the inability for us to “recall” these happenings/occurrences. As we have been taught since childhood that these realms known as “dreams” and “imaginations” are “fictitious.”  And in truth, these realms we dismiss rather lightly; are in fact as “real,” if not more “real,” than our everyday “waking” state.

And folks, the 5th dimensional realm is accessible, here and now, through imagination. Th…

Compassionate as Source

We are compassionate. And we are individuated aspects of Source. And as such, we are truly as compassionate as Source. As we see, Source chose to view the Creation through each individuated I Am Presence, and since we are Source we too view Creation through each other’s eyes. As we are all One. Thus, all that we see before us, is a reflection of some aspect of ourselves. And we are, in truth, an aspect of ALL that we see before us.

All that is before me is my Creation, as I Am an individuated aspect of Source viewing All That I Am, before me.

Many times, we hear those identifying themselves with their star family, which is another aspect of our individuated multidimensional expression/experience.  But realize first and foremost, we are aspects of Source having a physical experience.

And the order of “yester-year” was to go into descension throughout Creation. And through this physical experience, of descending into the depths of Creation, we may eventually recall that we have had many…

5D Here and Now

When we are contemplating the past or the future, we are in our heads. When we are within the now, we are in our hearts. For the heart is from the octave of here and now, or no time. Whereas the mind, works within our 3rd/4th density perceptions of time; by design.

As the ego conscious mind is what has allowed us this “elongated” expression of time. The perception of the “linear” experience of time, in the 3rd dimension is attained through this unique expressional construct, the mind. Although, we do seem to believe the holographic reality so much that we caught-up in the dream/illusion.

Yet, we diminish our energies and our focus, when we “leave” our heart-centered here and now moments, to contemplate and/or remember our future/past, through our mind. As there is an aspect of us that really goes to these “time-periods” or “time-lines” to bring to us whatever we are focusing on. And this leaves our here and now, “power” greatly diminished. And let’s face it, how many of us remember to…

Surrender to Divine Flow

We are being filled with the energetic frequency of Divine Flow of progress and forward momentum, through our Higher Self. And this Divine energy is being magnified as we are ever increasing in frequency and density. For we as a people and Gaia are ascending at great pace.

When we recognize that we are the only resistance to these Divine energies, we can make the intent with our own Higher Self; to surrender to the Divine flow that is being given to us through our own Higher Self, in unconditional love. And our Higher Self and our guides will assist us in letting go of the need to “manage” this flow. As we surrender to this process and make the intent to ever maintain the harmonious Divine flow; our progress will be greatly accelerated. And we will progress gracefully rather than learning through harsher lessons.

When we interfere with this process of flow, through our own mental constructs; we create resistance. And the energy then comes from us, through a filter or tainted from this…

Divine Feminine

The P’s, as Wendy Kennedy speaks of the 9th dimensional Pleiadian Group Consciousness, speak of bringing back the Divine Feminine, once more. And they speak of this energy as having an aspect of a self-reflective and receptive energy that we have neglected within our own lives.

Our current male-dominant, left-brain, reality is one of accomplishments from an outward perspective. And since this means being “on-the-go” always, we have difficulty taking time to turn inward. As most are caught-up in accomplishments from a rather external materialistic point of view.

However, living in the 4th and 5th dimensional realms, is one of love. And “true” love encompasses the Divine Feminine, which has an aspect of receptive energy. And this must begin from within, firstly. For when we are the state of being we desire to see reflected back to us, in this universe of “reflections”, the universe must gather more of our Creation and bring this back to us. This is the “cause and effect” reality. This m…