Clear the Mental Strata

As we integrate and expand, we go back to being more the whole of who we are. And at this time, we are working on expanding both internally and externally. As always, the process is to be one of within, firstly. Then we work from within to the throughout, or outer world. Thus, we are becoming whole and complete, inwardly as well.

This means that we are building a “conscious” bridge between our conscious, subconscious and unconscious. These aspects of us are also expanding and integrating from within, firstly. As these occur, we are going to be recalling more that we have experienced from these levels; and yet previously never had a conscious memory of until, now.

As we expand within, we build a conscious connection that is more complete and clearer than in previous experiences. And this occurs directly by strengthening the bridge and communing with the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. And this must occur for this is the inward bridge/path that we create in order to comm…

Higher Brainwaves

As we work to consciously integrate all that we have experienced, we change our cellular structure within our minds. We bring about more of our truth as Divine Spiritual Beings, having a physical experience. We bring back more communing with our Divine I Am Presence. And we bring about more synchronicity that perpetuates the process even further. Thus, we gain momentum as we awaken to the truth of the reality. And this is called expansion.

And this brings about the natural process of our Higher Self, re-introducing into our current memories and knowing, the fact that we are truly multidimensional beings. This means that we have aspects of ourselves that are throughout Creation at this very moment, as all time is now. And these other aspects of ourselves are birthed of our same Soul.

In today’s time, we refer to these as “past lives” or “future lives.” And in reality, all of these are in existence in our current here and now. All of these are taking place simultaneously at once. And th…

Limitations Must Give Way to Truth

In truth, I am an Individuated Aspect of Source/God/All That Is, existing as a Divine Eternal Being within Creation, this Cosmic Day. As are each and every one of us. And as such, we have aspects of ourselves that are existing as expressions of us throughout the various realities and dimensions. In other words, we are multidimensional beings. Existing throughout the whole of Creation, in our eternal here and now moment.

This being the truth of who we are, we begin to see that all of our teachers that have taught us, over and over, “that we are far greater than we have realized”; are in fact telling us a profound truth. For these aspects of us are all willing to align with us in our eternal here and now moment. And when we stop resisting this process of alignment, we begin to realize that we truly are without limit.
As this comes about firstly from within, then we see the reality bringing “like” frequency through the law of resonance. And then we bring forth more of the same, as we bui…

Integrate and Expand in Balance

We are progressing at what seems like a rapid pace, nowadays. As change is the order of each and every day, more and more. Since we are increasing in frequency and illumination, our bodies are in a seeming continual state of flux.

We are at a state of continually integrating all that we have experienced and learned through our divine energies. And as this is through integration, we must become more and more aware of the reality of the experiences that we’ve had.

This is a most wondrous time for it is literally the revealing of all aspects of knowing and wisdom that comes to our consciousness after having much experiences in the past reality of 3rd dimensional Gaia expressions. All that we care to know of is coming to light, as our ability to focus on and manifest our desires is increased in these new energies.

We are learning that in this new environment, when we are able to actually go with the flow; we are harmonious and peaceful and naturally expand. And this brings about the chang…

The Law of Resonance

We are very much in a reality that is all about frequency. We know that there are numerous frequencies that exist, and in all reality; humans have a very limited scope of perceivable frequencies through the typical 5 senses. From the purview of sight and sound, we are within a very specific frequency range that is rather minuscule in comparison to the whole.

However, through our multidimensional-self we actually can and do pick-up these other frequencies. These frequencies tend to come through from our subtle-bodies. The etheric, astral, mental and emotional as well as light-bodies. All of these are our tools that we are expanding and developing at this time. Since we are primarily in a 4th and 5th dimensional realm, anymore.

Mirrors in Our Reality
And much like the example of a musical instruments string vibrating in resonance with another string that has been plucked, we are very similar. We each have a frequency that we emit, based on our beliefs and our desires. And as we are reall…

Universal Light Substance

Prana, Chi, Divine Breath, life essence, vital energy or Universal Light Substance. They all refer to the same thing. And for many, looking skyward on a bright day; many see these bits of energy dancing around and flicking in and out of the reality. These are actual prana molecules. It is said that those that can see these little bits of energy dancing around in the sky, actually do have an opened third eye.

This is truly what the Ascended Host speak of as Universal Light Substance. And we are taught through the Ascended Host that this is true God energy that was brought forth in existence to assist us in manifesting.

The following is from:

The Law of Precipitation: How to Successfully Meet Life's Daily Needs, Author - Schroeder, Werner
You are living and have your actual being, within the aura of Helios and Vesta and that aura is made up of countless tiny particles of electronic light substance, which are intelligent and obedient to all of mankind. The n…

To Think or to Know?

We have all come to realize the truth in the statement, what we dwell upon we become. And so, we know that we are to be in a state of being that is reflective with what we are desirous of to be expressed in our lives. In other words, be the love we want to always see before us.

If we choose to be in a happy, peaceful and harmonious state, we need to live in accord with that in all of our thoughts, words and deeds. For in truth, we must be in this state we are desirous of from within, firstly. And when we are truly in a harmonious state of coherence, from within our heart-centers we activate more of our inherent knowing. Which is beyond thinking.

And this has been expressed as the gift of knowing. Many attribute Archangel Uriel as the angel that gifts us with knowing. Although this “gift” is inherent in all of us. And Archangel Uriel acts as an activator for this gift of claircognizance, within us.

And this gift has not been expressed through the majority of us currently because we ha…