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Emotional Energies

As we transition into the new energies that are coming into our reality, we are also simultaneously going from living strictly in our “heads” to living from our hearts. And as these two aspects are brought together, i.e. the newer energies from higher dimensional frequencies and our bringing forth more of our truth from our heart and souls perspective; we are bringing up a lot of who we are not, in order to transmute the old false beliefs into the truth of our Divinity. This will bring forth a lot that we have to release and let go of through forgiveness. This is how we bring back the truth of who we are. The true reality that has the highest frequency is in the state of “now”. It is from this “now” that we live our truth. And yet, if something seems to come up from our “past” experiences, we should process through the emotions that get brought up through the act of forgiving and releasing these emotions that no longer serve. In fact, it is our privilege to free these o

What Can I Do?

The need for this time is for us to resolve our remaining 3 rd  dimensional issues. This is occurring at a personal and global/worldly level. Globally: We are resolving issues that were brought about since the time of Atlantis. Not all are necessarily from Atlantis, however they were in embodiment at this same time frame in many other locations within Earth. The amount of global communication and awareness rivals even our time. There are many in embodiment here that are from that period of time. And, due to the karmic lessons we instigated, we are being given a chance to change our way of resolving these lessons. And these same lessons we faced back in those times are coming forth once more for us to resolve. And we resolve these lessons once and for all by bringing balance into the 3 rd  dimensional situation and transmuting our energies to that of the higher 4 th  and 5 th  dimensional reality. We chose to resolve these through a higher more enlightened and positive me

Ascension Update for August

We are in for a tremendous update that will give us access to more of who we are in the upcoming Solar Eclipse that will take place in August 21, 2017. This is an enhancement for our ascension, as we access more of who we are. Be ever in the attitude of gratitude and grace as these energies are received so that the integration will be smooth. Any resistance to these energies will only prolong the benefits. As we are upgraded. Rejoice. And Ascend! Donations -