The Way of Divine Consciousness

The Way of Divine Consciousness

Creation Makes No Mistakes

Many times, we humans tend to diminish our abilities and/or divine energies. We either “judge” ourselves as “not worthy” and develop the martyr mentality, as in, “save yourself, as it is too late for me.” And yet, the reality is that Creation makes no mistakes.

Therefore, if you exist; this shows that Creation needed you in “existence within Creation” in order to be perfect. And since Creation makes no mistakes, it is a futile pursuit to try to convince any part of Creation that you are less than perfection. In fact, this is the epitome of arrogance to suggest that the whole of Creation made a mistake when it came to, “only” you.  

3D Mass Consciousness, No More

The way that we stay within the reality that we desire is to focus on the Perfection of the reality. When we keep our attention on what brings us joy, we can’t help but stay within our Divinity. This is how we transition from the dualistic 3D reality imposed on us by the mass consciousness. There really is a severing of our reality with the “mass consciousness” within the 3D/4D reality of duality. 

This everyone will notice when interacting with us. There are those that are more uncertain, with respect to what has changed within us. Others will pick up something and yet not be able to put their “finger” on what is different. These are folks that are still within the mass consciousness mindset. And what they are unable to put their finger on, is that they are interacting with an individual that has obtained a freedom from the “supposed only reality.”

The path to communing with our Divinity is through the imagination and through the pineal, within the brain. This connection, ran through our heart center is the path towards Christ Consciousness. Functioning from these makes us whole once more. We have to acknowledge our Divinity and it is within. This is why the heart, throat and third eye chakras are so vital to manifesting within Creation. 

When we leave the 3D mass consciousness, we start operating from within our Heart center. And this gets us in touch with our Christ-self or Higher Being. This begins the process of returning to Christ Consciousness. And we perfect this through the fully gathered momentum of our using it. 

The Perfection Within Creation

Those that have had the privilege of interacting with those from the Ascended Host, have often commented on how their entire reality seems to be pure perfection. From their homes, their retreats and all that they partake in. This is because they are realizing the Divinity within Creation. They know the perfection is the truth of the reality. So, all that they partake in manifests the perfection of the true reality.

We too can be within the perfected reality in all that we do. When we are so enamored with the perfection of Creation that this is all we see, the old ways disappear. There is no time for dualistic, 3D reality. For then we have transcended those frequencies and we are operating within the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms. Thus, the goal of ascension. 

Build the Momentum of the Reality We Desire

When we really want something, we really do put a lot of our momentum behind our desire. Anyone who has achieved the highest endeavors they sought after, will tell the story of how they put all of their energy into the momentum of what they sought after. When we put our attention on “something” it begins the process of manifesting that into our reality.

When we learn to walk, and to eat and so forth; the reason we seem to do these anymore so automatically is because we have such a momentum behind doing these all the time. We no longer practice doing these things as we have mastered "knowing" that we can do them. So, they don't appear magical when they are being done. 

In like manner, if we would practice, practice and practice being within the state of mind and visualizing the “immaculate concept” of the perfected reality we so desire, we will manifest this into our reality by means of all of the gathered momentum that we have put into it. We will no longer "practice" being within the reality we desire, as we will have fully transitioned into the reality, through all of the gathered momentum that we used in practicing to get there. There comes a time in all when they "know" they are there. There is no question. The reality bears out the perfection we desire. 

And the fact that there are already a whole Host of Ascended, Angelic and Elohim awaiting our arrival and putting their gathered momentum of their energy behind all of us, we have assured success. Ascension has never been obtained so easily. So, let us take advantage of the opportunity and transition back into the Oneness we had before our arrival on this schoolroom of Earth. And let us manifest this Oneness within the permanence of Earth as She ascends with us all.

Synchronistic Bodies All Throughout

When our seven bodies are all functioning as they are one body, then we will have accomplished our goal. And at that point there is no discord that can move us or touch us. Our vibrations will have increased to such an extent that the slower, discordant, lower frequency energies and vibrations can not keep pace with our higher vibrations. Thus, the “old reality” will have passed away. And the former things will never be brought to mind, as the scriptures say.

The Trinity a Sign to Return Home

We are told that the reason the “trinity” is such a feature within our reality, is that our own Electronic Presence and our Christed Higher Self wanted us to have that teaching so as to help us to look up to our own higher three bodies that have never left perfection or Divinity, in order to remember and return to our original Divinity and Oneness. The reality is full of trinities. The sun, moon and Earth. The father, mother and child. The left, right and middle way. And on and on they go throughout our Creation. Throughout all seven of our bodies, we should be functioning, at this level of Creation from the consciousness of our Higher Self. And yet, we have “fallen” from that level of consciousness to the sense consciousness of ego/personality.

So, once more we are returning to functioning from the Higher Self’s level of consciousness. This is the ascension. And yet, due to our falling from such a level of consciousness they have even allowed us the option of only having to raise our frequency to the level of the etheric body consciousness. From that level, those of the Ascended Host will then assist us in achieving the ascension all the way up to the level of consciousness at the Higher Self, or Christed Consciousness.

All Are Assisting Us

The whole of the Ascended Host is assisting us in this process of ascension. So, let us not be recalcitrant. Let us, be the driver of making our way back to Divine Consciousness.

As the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t drink it for him.” And so, the Ascended Host are giving all the assistance they can. However, they may not “consume it for us”; so, to speak. We have to be the ones to take the initiative and change. For it is us that left the perfection of Creation through our sense consciousness.

And there are many within the Ascended Host that have “tread the way of human” before attaining their own Divinity. They have truly, “been there, done that”. This is why they know it can be done. All who leave the 3rd and 4th dimensional realms do so as we are now.


Call for Strength and Action in Returning to Divine Consciousness

So, let us call to beloved Ascended Master El Morya, for strength and action for us to complete our Divine plan and ascension. Beloved Lord Archangel Michael works with this Ray of service as well. Both of these Divine beings will make certain that we have the “strength” and the “action” to do what we came here to accomplish. Those of the 1st ray, have the “Will of God” within their strength. And this we need direly at these times.

Let our higher selves know that we are calling forth all of the 1st ray’s “Will of God” into action. Let us ever manifest the divine nature that we are. And let us see, only that in others, as well. The divine nature exists in all. 

The ability to acknowledge only that divine nature is shown by all who have Mastered their bodies, energies and consciousness. The Ascended Host only see the Divinity in us all. So, let us learn by example. We too, can look for only the divine in others. If their Divinity didn’t exist, they wouldn’t exist. For Creation makes no mistakes. 

Therefore, We All Are Divinity. Manifest Within Creation.


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