What Is An Original Earth Soul?

When Earth was brought into being by Helios and Vesta’s plan, through the Mighty Elohim, they brought with them 3.5 billion Spirit Sparks from Source that would use the Earth as a schoolroom to achieve ascension. Each Spirit Spark was to progress through the 7 Divine Virtues in a life plan that spanned 14000 years. Within this time-frame they would successfully ascend after completing the mastering of the Earth schoolroom.

There were 7 root races that would complete this process with 7 sub root races in each root race. This was the segregating of the Holy Innocents into Creation here on Earth. All went fine through the first 3 root races with each root race ascending within the allotted time. Then a change occurred within the original plan.

When a galactic petition went out to use Earth as a host for “laggards” who were not able to complete their ascension with their own solar and planetary systems, Earth received these souls as well. It was thought that the “Holy Innocents” would be the ones to influence the “laggards.” Instead the Holy Innocents were influenced in a negative fashion from the laggards. This began the “fall of man.”

From within the other star systems and planets came the “Guardian Spirits” those who completed their process of evolution upon another planet. Some may have been ascended and some unascended. Some Guardian Spirits took the vow never to ascend until all of mankind are free and ascended.

The plan for Earth from Helios and Vesta was to use the Solar system to work on evolution and ascension for 3 types of conscious beings using the Earth as a schoolroom. These were the Angels, Humans and Elementals that were to use the Earth as a schoolroom. Each working in harmony within their part of the Divine plan for co-creation. In total, all 3 conscious beings using their abilities harmoniously and in tandem to create.

Thus, an original soul would be a “Holy Innocent” that has developed exclusively from a Spirit Spark of Source strictly through Earth schoolroom.

In the Earth schoolroom, we have beings that have been “trapped” here while this plays out. The beings that have been trapped in their spiritual evolution include Elementals, Angels, Guardian Spirits and even animals. All are working their own part of the evolution to get humanity back on track with their own spiritual evolution. As, Source never leaves anyone behind.

Now the momentum has shifted. And Source has decreed that we “go into high gear” and get things back on track. We are all working harmoniously through the Divine plan to get planet Earth ascended and all beings within her to ascend as well.

There are some that are not ready, even those of the “laggards” that still do not want to ascend yet. And to this end, a planet has been prepared to host these laggards. As our worlds split and part ways, each will be in their perfect place of spiritual evolution and development. 

So, rest assured that all is occurring within Divine Cosmic timing. Be you a Guardian Spirit, Elemental, Angel or Holy Innocent, we are all ascending. We are returning to our Divine nature. Blessed be those that are assisting us from all realms. The Elohim, Angelic Host, Ascended Host and our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters are all working within Creation to get us through the process in the most Divine, loving and benevolent way. 


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