Transition to Knowing Your Divinity

When we have such a realization to the point of truly “knowing,” we have gone way beyond beliefs. We like knowing, rather than believing, as the state of knowing is much more powerful. And when we “realize” this state of “knowing” we have truly transitioned the realm of beliefs. 

When it comes to our spiritual teachings on manifestation, and when we come to the point of knowing  that we are truly divine beings we will truly manifest, as we have been divinely created to be co-creators manifesting perfect creations within the creation.

The Ascended Host have opened their entire spiritual momentum behind their divine attributes/virtues, for our individual use and benefit. 

This means that we may call on the “Divine Will of God” virtue that Ascended Master El Morya has and we will get the entire momentum that El Morya and all of the Ascended Host and Angelic Host have behind mastering the use of that God virtue. This is what it is like to live truly harmoniously with all as “one”. This is our Divine strength.

When we live in the “Now” with this realization and knowing of how much Divine Energies are available to us, we know that we must always succeed. We are always victorious as the Ascended Host Have Mastered the reality. This is the dispensation that has been given to us. To have the full momentum of all those who have mastered that particular sacred virtue. These sacred virtues are also known as sacred fire energies.

Each of the seven rays has all of the sacred fire divine virtues/energies for living and manifesting divine perfection in our realities. 

All we have to do is live harmoniously within the sacred fire rays and we demonstrate what really is the science behind the reality. Then we will create the perfect realities that fulfill our divine plan. Thus qualifying for ascension into the higher dimensions.

The Ascended Host have mastered this “octave” of reality. Thus, they know precisely how to manifest divine perfection throughout the reality. Being Perfect Divine Ones, they desire to assist us as much as possible to gain ascension into the true reality,  which is perfect . They know the path to leaving limitation behind. This we are accomplishing as we transition to the 5th dimension.

We are leaving the way of living strictly from our “heads”. And as we live more in the “now” from within our “hearts” rather than our “heads” a whole new reality that is who and what we truly are begins to open up and manifest. 

We realize our Divinity and as this occurs we bring in change in our entire being. Our DNA, our very cells and our divine innate abilities and attributes/virtues begin activating.  And this is happening now for all of us.

As we change our way of being to living within our hearts and manifesting the truth of who we are, we are bringing up portions of ourselves that have been in our memory bodies that are not in resonance with the truth of who we are. 

The accumulated karma from previous false beliefs are coming forward at this time to be transmuted.

These are the “illusions” that our old consciousness brought forth as false beliefs. These manifested as “doubts” and “fears” that we have brought into our experience that are in all reality false. Basically, anything and everything that “limits” us. For in truth we have no limitations. We have basically through self-imposition, placed limiting beliefs in our realities.

While this process occurs, we are bringing up much that is not necessarily to our liking. And yet, using the tools given to us through the seven rays; we are able to accomplish this transmutation as easily as we choose to make it. Never let the “human” in us try to make the process complicated. 

The science of what the Ascended Host teach is rather simple. Decrees, visualization, invoking and intent are very effective tools. And the Ascended Host have stated that the time for the “occult” or hidden is complete. All is given to us in simple form so that we may successfully transmute our misused energies and complete our ascension.

As we let these false beliefs go, we transmute that energy back into the truth of our Divinity. It is really a sacred opportunity to bless and love these false beliefs free so that they may be re-polarized and allowed to manifest as they were supposed to, divinely rather than being imprisoned in false human beliefs. 

This is how we transmute the misused energies we have manifested while being schooled in creating within creation. We have the opportunity to re polarize them back into their true pure state that they were given to us when we started schooling in creating within creation. And should we choose to do this consciously knowing how we have misused the energies and desiring to restore them to their pure state allows us the privilege of then storing them in our own causal body for future divine manifestations. While those that do not do this transmuting conscientiously have their misused energies re polarized within the Great Central Sun.

We start living and manifesting through our hearts more and more, while we purify our misused energies. The more we live from our hearts the more our Divine abilities begin manifesting once more. 

The more we live from within our hearts we will begin the process of removing the veil between ourselves and the Ascended Host, Angelic Host and our own Higher Selves and I AM presences.

For the Light of God Never Fails.

God in me, I AM see to it that Divine Light is ever being expanded in my four lower bodies, the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. Beloved I AM, bring back my Divine abilities that I have always had that I may ever perfect the perfected created reality. 

This is how we gain access to the 5th dimension. Be in the "know" in the "now," ever living from our heart-centered  divine being. Returning to our divine state of "oneness" within the reality.


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