Ascension Update This August

We are in for a tremendous update in frequency that will be activating access to more of who we are in the upcoming Solar Eclipse that will take place in August 21, 2017. We are going through the Lion's Gate Portal, simultaneously.

The purpose of this Solar Eclipse is to bring out that which is within. Much of the energy that we have taken on that is not our truth will be brought out to be transmuted. And as long as we stay within the flow of these energies, we will easily release these through the Violet Flame within our Sacred Heart.

Creation Biased Toward Good

We are in a new energy that is biased toward good and fully within oneness and unity. The energy that we have been going through for many years has been more difficult. And yet, while we transition to this newer energy that is extremely biased toward benevolence, the only thing we have to accomplish is releasing that energy that we have harbored to get us through the "harsher" times. We are to let go of all that does not serve. Think of releasing the illusion of fear. For fear is no longer necessary as a teaching, as we are far beyond it.


We need to "drop our defenses" that we have built into our reality. We no longer need to be in that mode of "fight or flight" energy, known as the Sympathetic nervous system.

When we "surrender" to those energies that are being brought forth into our "New Earth" we are in our Parasympathetic nervous system. This is the nervous system that allows the "higher frequency" energies to flow, effortlessly. This is the restful place that we are in when we are unconcerned with any "fears" or "worries".

While we transition through the Lion's Gate activation and the solar eclipse, while going through a full moon and then a new moon, we need to focus on our Divinity. Keeping the highest frequencies within our realm and in our thoughts will bring us into the Divine flow of these higher frequencies. And realize that we are more and more each and every day in more Unity-Consciousness. This is the first lesson of compassion that we are to demonstrate. The ability to be within unity consciousness within our whole. All Light Workers, in unison and oneness in purpose, intent, love, compassion and consciousness.

Simultaneously, our ability to manifest more rapidly is being increased with these new higher frequency energies. The newer energy is bringing forth any and all that we asking for. So, let us bring in our Divine memory and our remembering of how we manifest harmoniously.

Create Love, Peace, Health and Youth

Our grid on Earth that is known as the Crystalline Grid, is working with us more fluidly within the new energetic frequencies. Through the new Crystalline Grid, and through our own Merkabah's we are activating more of who we are. We are working through harmonious energies that are being activated as we successfully integrate and emulate these higher energies.

The more we integrate these energies successfully, the more we emulate these from both within and without. We are in the flow of Divine, harmonious and compassionate energies. And this means that when we speak to either Gaia, or our own individual bodies, we are able to accomplish more of what we desire.
We are able to work more directly within our cellular structure, our Merkabah's, our DNA, our intuitive centers and our bodies as a whole. This means that as we resetablish communicating and communion with our Divine aspects, we will see our realities manifesting much more of what we desire. This is the "new energies" working harmoniously within all of us on Gaia.

Since we desire peace on Earth, we are bringing this about. Since we desire healthy and younger bodies that last longer, we are manifesting these as well. In other words, both from within and without we are bringing about all that we desire.

This is an enhancement for our ascension, as we access more of who we are. Be ever in the attitude of gratitude and grace as these energies are received so that the integration will be smooth. Any resistance to these energies will only prolong the benefits that we may partake of, now. As we are being upgraded. Rejoice. Relax. And Ascend!

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life


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