Circumstances Don't Matter, Only State of Being Matters

Caught-Up in Circumstances


When we live our lives, many times we get caught up in all that we have ben through. And then society, tells us that due to our circumstances we are victims to what has occurred. So, we seek help with our “issues” and we are told that we must “heal” our “inner child” and then we will be more focused on our “true” self.

So, we believe we are receiving guidance and we take the information to heart. We begin our “therapy” and we begin the “healing.” While, we are “resolving” our “issues” we are reliving what we went through again, in order to “heal” it. Then we go through therapies that allow us to chose the proper outcome, or “change” the experience to a more harmonious outcome.

And yet, under these types of “healings” we are being asked to go to the past, and then to change the past to what we desire. Then we live life, in our “new” present and all will be fine. And based on the belief system of the chosen “therapy” the “healing” will take place sometime within this lifetime.

In other words, we spend so much time worrying and thinking about our past circumstances and the potential impacts that they will have on our future lives; right?

Are we ever focused on our “present?”

If a mood comes into our present that is not of a harmonious nature, do we need to relive the “issue” or identify it in our past, in order to move on?

Do we see our “computer” loop? Do we see, how we are so busy looking at the past to “resolve” the present. Or that we are changing our past outcome for some “future” possibility? What about the here and now?

Innate Power of the Now

None of these work from our inherent, or innate, point of power. Our inherent point of power is within the hear and the now. And from the here and now, we are merely concerned with “state of being.” This is our true power. This is what we can change, immediately. Our “state of being” from within the now; is our whole experience. And from this point, we may successfully change the past and our potential future. And, only from the “now” is this possible. For from the “now” we build the momentum of our conscious experience.

This in no way diminishes our circumstances that we have lived. However, we are concerned with transmuting and transcending these. Not necessarily, studying every aspect as to why or how they occurred?

Scattered Energies

When we listen to the Angels, or the Ascended Host, they always speak of being in the “now.” They tell us that our power is from this point of now, where our consciousness is currently.

When we go about our day, reflecting on past “issues” that are troublesome, we are using our own energy to either bring back into being or relive these “issues” that we no longer desire to be influencing our lives. Does this really make sense? Or is this merely, a scattering of our energies?
Then we get caught-up in making certain that we don’t recreate or reexperience similar “issues” in our future?

So, we relive the past energies that no longer serve. And since we have purposefully brought these to the “present” and here and now, we must make certain that we don’t bring them into our “future” interactions. After we fed them with our energies, to begin with. Which, in reality assures us that similar experiences are sure to come. As we put more of our energies on them, as we revisited the past “issues.”

Do we see the “loop” or error? How, can we change our “state of being” if we are always bringing into being, all that we do not prefer?

For in reality, all we have accomplished is sending our energies all over the universe of “space and time.” Then we leave very little for our present, here and now; point of power.

state of being 2.jpg
State of Being is All That Matters

When we use the approach of being in a state of Divine Love, and gratitude; we can focus our energy on our true point of power, the now. For the only way we can change anything, is from the here and now.

Do not get me wrong, many lessons can be learned from a review of what we did that was disharmonious in our past. However, feeling the need to revisit these often is focusing on the problem, not the solution.

The solution may only present itself from the state of being from the here and now. As this is our true point of power.

When we listen to our Angelic and Spiritual guides and the Ascended Host, they are very cognizant of what we have been through. There is no need for us to recount our “issues” to them. As they are with us, always. Once more, they know what we have been through. And yet, they teach us through their example of how they get things done.

And they do so, by being in the state of being they desire from the only point of power that counts, here and now.

Thus, their advice is to forgive all that does not serve. And let it go. Let it go. Let it go. And be in the state of being we desire, now. And oh, by the way, in the here and nowGet it?

Let us ever be in the “state of being” we desire, from the here and now. And our only objective, is to ever expand this state of being from our endless flows of “here and now.”

This builds the momentum of what we desire into our lives. And this is the way we live what we desire and what we came to do. By repeated, momentous “states of being” in the here and now.

Thanks be to our cosmic family for bringing this once more to our attention. For our Essassani family has brought this remembrance back, through Bashar.

For in truth, circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life


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