Eyes of Christ/Higher Self

Viewing Life through the Eyes of the Christ

We have been going through a process of awakening. And as we awaken, we realize that many of us have been viewing the creation as less than perfect. And as the process of awakening proceeds further, we eventually get to the knowing that the whole of creation is, actually, perfect.

What man has brought forth through learning/remembering mastery of creation has been brought forth through limitation and lack. However, the true reality is not that way. The true reality is by far, grander than we have realized. And abundance is the true reality of Creation.

Guides and Their Teachings

We have been told from the Ascended Masters, to various other Guides that the true reality is one in which miracles are the norm. And the Divine flow of positive energies is a given. Benevolence is the order of the true reality.

And yet, many of us sit here wondering what reality they are speaking of? Since our reality seems to be one of “less than” or dysfunction.

“Lack” as an experience, anyone?

As we awaken, we must come to understand that we must take responsibility for our own part in creating these “illusions.” For it is merely an illusion, that there is any “lack” or that there is dysfunction, inherently.

However, since we are Divine Beings that are always creating, we may have the perception of “lack,” if we so choose. And this is what the reality is doing in a benevolent way, for us. As long as we choose to perpetuate the perceived “lack” or “limitation” the reality has no choice but to give us what we choose and what we perceive. A self-imposed lack and limitation on the reality, has been man’s accomplishment to-date.

Since we are truly “one,” what we perceive in any of us, we bring into our own reality and the reality as a whole.

If we choose to “judge” someone that is before us, we are feeding that same energy that has no choice but to bring that same judgmental reality to us. In other words, we are perpetuating what we do not desire. More and more judgement and less and less truth. For our perceptions have been skewed, as we are discovering, as we awaken.

spirit guides3
So, how is it done; then?

And so, the instruction given from those that reside, currently, in the reality we are moving towards is wise. And we would be wise to heed their instruction/direction. And their instructions are all unanimous. Whether we listen to the Ascended Host, the Angelic Host, our Cosmic Family, our “personal guides” and on and on… They all view all of Creation through the eyes of Christ. In other words, they see only the Divine in all.

So, how many of us when we are “out-and-about” truly see through our inherent Christ Eyes? What does it mean to see through our Christed Eyes?

eyes of christ
Higher Self Sees Through the Eyes of the Christ

We are bringing back our own Divinity, in the sense that we have been asleep as to our own inherent power that stems from our direct access to the Divine; from within. We have neglected our relationship with the Divine that we have, directly; as I AM.

As Source choose to individualize each and all of his/her creations. And Source wanted the perception of the reality through each and every aspect of All That Is. So, when we realize that we are Divine, we realize that everything in the reality is Divine. For, once more, there is nothing outside of Creator/Creation. And since there is nothing outside of Creator/Creations, Creator made us from His/Her body directly.

We may all be at variance, with respect to our acknowledgment and knowing of the fact that we are Divine. And yet, by inherent nature we are all still Divine. Thus, we should only see the Christ in all others.

What can I do, to assist in ascending?

And when we can truly look at everyone we meet or see as another aspect of the Christ, then we are truly participating and doing our part in the ascension. For it is through this process that humanity ascends as well as Gaia and all that are within, throughout and around Her.

As we “successfully” do this, we raise the frequency of those that are in our presence. When we see them as another Christ Being, we raise their frequency and this raises ours. Remember, “law of attraction.” Remember, the reality “reflects” to us what we perceive.

If we perceive the Christ in all, we are literally raising the frequency of all that we come into contact with, and even others that we will never come into contact with. We are causing all to ascend. And by the “law of attraction” even if we have left the area, our energies will bring those that are “attracted” to similar energy and they will benefit; even after we are gone.

So, this is how we bless all that we can. And this is how we ascend both individually and collectively. We silently view all as Divine, without the need to have any acknowledge our efforts. This is what the Ascended Host, Angelic Host and a whole Host of Others have been doing on our behalf, for millennia.

However, we have awakened. And as we are now awakened, it is our honor and our privilege to see the “truth” of the reality. And as we know our truth, we must live it. And the best way we can live it is to be the “living” example of it. So, it is our Divine privilege to view all Creation through the Eyes of Christ.

And viewing all that we meet through the eyes of Christ, means that we only see the Divine Perfect Being, as we look past our own personal reflections. For this is what we are calling forth, once more into the reality. We are bringing back all Divinity. This includes each and every one of us. Those still asleep, those awakening and those that are in direct opposition to this whole process.

Less than 1% change the entire world

Many times, I’ve heard from various “awakened” ones of how our reality is ruled by the top 1% of the wealthy. And then the whole subject is delved into of how these ones “rule” our reality; through fear. And never once is the question/statement put back into the proper context. How so?

If 1% can “rule” through fear, imagine what less than 1% can do through our inherent Divinity, which contains the strongest power in the universe; love?

The “truth” of the reality is that it takes less than 1% of humanity to realize their inherent Divine nature, and to truly “live” this state of being, to bring the reality back into a harmonious state; through direct Divine intention. How many times have we heard that?

This is why those that are already where we are going, are so confident in us. For in truth, there is no problem. We are merely waking up. Some quickly and others not so quickly.

However, those of us that are awakened are the ones that have chosen to be the example for others, in our now moment. And the way we are the example, is to see through our inherent Divine Christ Eyes; only. We only bring forth more that is Divine. We do not focus on anything else, but the reality we envision for ourselves and others.

Why would we be so concerned with knowing every detail of how we have created before our awakening? Would we not rather want to awaken, and go about our father’s business of manifesting the true reality?

Remember, where our thoughts are; there we are. What we dwell on, we become.

Lets always dwell on the Christ in all. Let us see through the Eyes of the Christ. And as we refuse to let any energy in, other than that which is Divine Love; we manifest our ascension. Both individually as well as collectively. Let Gaia take Her Divine state of being as Freedom’s Holy Star.

For we are our brother’s keeper, is the motto of the Great White Brotherhood. And we came here at this time, to spread the word to our sisters and our brothers. We are the “living” example of what we perceive. And we only perceive, Divinity in all Creation.

I AM the Word. And God in me, I AM bringing the ascension to myself and all who reside within, throughout and around Gaia; as well as Gaia, Herself. Let Heaven be eternally sustained on Earth, from our here and now, beloved God in me, I AM.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life
Gabriel F. Duran


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