I Am in Truth, I Am My Truth, I Am Truth


I Am in Truth

There is much comfort in the realization that we are Divine. As we come into knowing this means that we are living in truth, when we recognize our Divinity. And in truth, the only permanence there is, is our Divine I AM Self.

We may “dawn” many bodies and personalities throughout our various incarnations, however these personalities are not our truth. Although, they are fine for exploring all sorts of avenues of expression that could show us contrasts of our truth. We eventually come to realize that the personality is the only aspect of ourselves that is capable of entertaining fear, lack and limitation; as these are lies that are not truth. So, we really do learn through these personalities we manifest.

And so, there is nothing wrong with dawning a personality, for we would be invalidating a part of ourselves if we said otherwise. And one of the first things we come to realize when we awaken, is that there is no need to invalidate anything. As there is nothing outside of Creation. So, we would only be invalidating aspects of ourselves.

As we grow, we come to see many expressions and examples of those that are in their truth, even as we “grow” into our own truth.

And so, the need to seek an exclusive “one path serves all” back to Source is not in truth. For in truth there are innumerable ways back to Source. And when we truly understand and live this, we come into a furthering of truth; as we come to a knowing of our own unique truth. As we realize we must embody our own truth.

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I Am My Truth

And when we come into our own knowing of truth, as in, I AM my truth; we realize that there is no need to critique and/or criticize any and all who are expressing as a personality that differs from ours, in belief. For all are having their own unique expressions through their own Divine I AM Presence.
And so, we come into “knowing” that we are beyond these personalities. And this becomes a part of our truth. The knowledge that we are much more than just a personality having a physical experience. For in fact, we are Divine Spiritual Beings of Truth, having a physical experience for expressing and embodying our truth.

And all are coming into their own knowing and truth at various rates, and it is not ours to either insist on nor to attempt to manipulate another’s timing, for each are on their own unique journey. And each one has their own I AM Presence that is working through them as well, in truth.

This is when we bring wisdom into being, for we are not only loving, we are compassionate towards others that are still on their own path of discovery. As we allow for others to come into realization on their own, much as we have. This is the wisdom aspect of love, known as compassion. Knowing that someone would benefit from our knowing, and yet allowing them their own inherent free will to decide on their own; when they are in fact, ready.

So, when we live our own truth, we declare that I AM my truth. For we recognize the need to live in oneness with our own truth. As once we come into our truth, no lies can exist. And so, all that is born of a lie, or more to the root cause of a lie; fear, must fall. As no lie can exist in the presence of truth. And in truth there is no fear, whatsoever.

This is the next level, if you will, of our growth in truth. When we first awakened, we were excited to see in truth for the first time. And then we matured a while later, into not just seeing truth in our reality; rather we grew into living our truth in reality. And this is how we go from being in truth, to being my truth. As we are now wearing our truth as our new garment, in a figurative sense. We become our truth.

And this next level of evolving allows us to see the world through entirely new eyes. These new eyes are the ones referred to as seeing through Christ Eyes.

For when we see and know that we are all one, and we are all Divinity manifest in Creation; we are much more loving and compassionate with one another. This is what Christ did. Christ saw the truth that all are Divine Beings. And this is a leap in evolution from where we were when we first began to see truth in the reality, “out there.” For we recognize the fact that truth exists, within us all.

This is where we begin to “quicken” the process of growth even further, so to speak. As we are growing from I AM my Truth, to I AM Truth. And as we grow we go from learning to see and recognizing truth further into living our truth, personally. Thus, we embody our truth, personally. And as we embody truth for ourselves, we grow even further in the recognition that in fact, we are truth. Period.

I AM Truth

This is when we have progressed through the two previous phases of growth, in truth. For at first, we began seeing truth all around us that we were previously unaware of. And as we grew from seeing truth “out there” to becoming truth ourselves, we went from I AM in truth to I AM my truth. Through our experiences we learned that not only could we see truth in the reality “out there”, we could embody truth as our very being. And we became the truth that we had forgotten we already were.

And this is when we reach the whole of truth, in that we recognize that throughout the entire process; we where truth; all along. We cannot exist without our truth. For our reality will reflect the disharmony of living a lie. And suffice it to say, we have all experienced living the lie and its inherent disharmony.

And so, in this growth, we are way beyond the illusions of fear and lies. And we are well within the knowing that we always were and always are truth, period. So, we not only embody truth, we are truth. And we always have been the truth that we are now embodying, we merely had forgot this.

We were viewing life previously, through our personality. And then we transitioned to seeing life through our I AM presence. And when this occurred, we aligned with truth. As our personality called forth for truth, and our I AM presence responded. For it would be impossible for our I AM presence to not be in truth. And so, our views changed. We now perceive life through the eyes of our I AM presence. Or, through the Eyes of Christ. And as such, we now see through all lies and clearly see only truth.

Although, initially in the journey, we got side-tracked by the illusions of fear, lies, lack and limitation. And as this became our reality, we began seeking “out there” what we always had within. We were so used to physically accomplishing something “out in creation”, that we could not perceive of going within and “finding” something that has always been there within each of us, awaiting our acknowledgement. As we have free will, we must be the ones to initiate and acknowledge our Divinity.

We had forgotten that our journey was to be one of love of self and self-discovery. As we were the ones who chose to see the reality through “new” eyes. And these new eyes were from the perspective of forgetting who we are. And coming into a realization of our inherent Divine Being, from a whole “new” perspective.

And now, we know/remember; as we affirm the following. For this is the true reality.

I know that I am in truth, I know that I am my truth as well as I am truth, period.

For not only do I see truth in all, I embody my truth. And as I embody my truth, my eyes see more clearly as I see through my own “new” Christ Eyes that in fact, I am Truth.

Beloved sisters and brothers, let us be “in truth”, “embody truth” and come to realize that by these we literally go back to the realization that “we are truth.”

Truth is waiting for the call. And any and all who call to Her, will be given all that She has to offer; which is “pure” truth, both within and without.

So, let us make the call that all truth be brought back into being for all of us. Let us know only truth, and see only truth in others. As this is the process of awakening others. This is how we ascend individually and collectively. We bring back the truth of Divinity in harmony throughout the whole of our Creations, as we embody our inherent Divine Truth.

And all others have their own Christ Presence that is their truth. And that is all we see when we see another being. Another Divine Christed Being, manifest in Creation, ever perfecting the Creation further through their diversity they bring to All That Is.

Divinity is what we all are, and that is truth. Let us be the living example of the Christ. Let us be truth, within, throughout and around the whole of our being. Let all benefit from our truth in all of our now moments, as we all benefit from each other’s truth.

In our own truth, let us bring forth a truthful unified consciousness throughout all of Gaia. As Her crystalline grid is to house the purity of truth for all in a unified field of consciousness for all. Truth in oneness. And oneness in truth.

Be ever in truth and embodying truth, as we all are in fact, truth manifest!

I AM Truth 

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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