To Think or to Know?

dwell on

We have all come to realize the truth in the statement, what we dwell upon we become. And so, we know that we are to be in a state of being that is reflective with what we are desirous of to be expressed in our lives. In other words, be the love we want to always see before us.

If we choose to be in a happy, peaceful and harmonious state, we need to live in accord with that in all of our thoughts, words and deeds. For in truth, we must be in this state we are desirous of from within, firstly. And when we are truly in a harmonious state of coherence, from within our heart-centers we activate more of our inherent knowing. Which is beyond thinking.

uriel knowing.jpg

And this has been expressed as the gift of knowing. Many attribute Archangel Uriel as the angel that gifts us with knowing. Although this “gift” is inherent in all of us. And Archangel Uriel acts as an activator for this gift of claircognizance, within us.

And this gift has not been expressed through the majority of us currently because we have been “taught” to live from our ego consciousness or the persona. Our society, our politics, our commercial enterprises, our healthcare and on, and on, all are focused through ego consciousness on persona. This is not the truth of who we are.

heart chakra

For as divine beings of light, we have always been designed to operate from our heart-centered chakra. Science now knows that there is much more communication from our “brain cells” that exist in our heart, being directed up to our brains. Than there is communication from our brains, back to the heart. So, we need to be tuned into and from our heart centers to be more of who we are. This is where we existed from before the well-known “fall of man”. When we operate from this aspect of ourselves, we are accessing our multidimensional being. Our true being.

As there is an aspect of us that is the purity of divinity. Not just our divinity, for at that level all is one and all is divine. And this aspect of us is accessible from within our sacred-heart chakra, and this aspect of us is the one that is already in a state of knowing. This is the part of us that has “all the answers” to anything we would ever need to know. And this is accessible through being in a harmonious and coherent state, while living from our heart centers.

Those at the HeartMath Institute have brought out the science behind this. And though man is a little slower, in science. Eventually science will verify all that has been brought forth through our Guides and Teachers as well as God directly. As the whole of Creation is extremely scientific. And as all know, when one has not seen something that science has brought forth. In many ways, it is interpreted as magic. And yet, there is always a scientific explanation. Once science realizes that it cannot exclude the “para” sciences. And once science realizes that consciousness is the key, as well as physics.

heart center.jpeg

So, when we go throughout our days living through our heart-centers we will bypass the state of thinking and go directly into our knowing. For we are manifesting more of our divine Higher Self in our everyday consciousness by being in that state of being. Always reflecting from our sacred-hearts the truth we choose to see in ourselves and others. That all are divine. That all are deserving of being viewed in their perfection that exists at some level within the being before us in this now moment.

This is how we raise the frequency of the Whole. This is how we ascend. For when we see others through our divine eyes, they have no choice but to raise in frequency. For we are at a much higher frequency when we truly operate and feel the truth that all are divine. And then they in turn, through resonance raise the frequency of those they are around. Even if unconsciously.


Although those of us that are conscious of this do have a much greater impact on Creation. For we use the science behind manifesting in this harmonious and benevolent energy we have entered into, in this part of the galaxy. Thus, we have a greater impact, as we have entered into our knowing. And once we operate from knowing, we have more of a powerful field with which to operate through when manifesting.

 And yes, even within this now moment. For there is only now. Thus, realize that the aspect of us that is already in the know, in the now, is available to us always through our heart, now!

That is our greatest teacher. This aspect of ourselves that is our own Christed Self. That is the angelic, divine aspect that we have always been. Our Divine Light Body that is ever eternal. And has patiently awaited our awakening. At the perfect time, and the perfect place we have awakened and come into our knowing more of who we are.

For we are those we have been waiting for. We are the divinity that is bringing about the ascension for not only ourselves, but for Gaia who is ascending as well. For if Gaia was not, many of us may still have been asleep.


And both Gaia and Humanity are working together in bringing about the most benevolent and harmonious ascension for all concerned. However, the timing is now. And we are here at the perfect time and the perfect place to transition into our Divinity. For we are the Way-Showers. Those who have awakened to be the teachers, and the path makers for those who are to come, and follow our well-prepared path and well-established knowing of how to accomplish this. For many are now awakening and wondering how to get on their path.

We are the example that we choose to see in others. By us living truth, we become the living example. And this is our divine path. To be the pure divine loving and compassionate true living example that others may choose to resonate with.

And to be awakened to the changes that are occurring on Gaia and within our entire sphere of dimensionality is a privilege, indeed. Those that share their own experiences of when they were at our current level of existence, state that we are able to accomplish in this lifetime what would normally take numerous lifetimes to accomplish.

To ascend with a planet, and to go into knowing and living our divinity, is the ascension. And we are accomplishing this in record time.

To be sure there are numerous discomforts that we are all experiencing. For this lifetime is one of continual change from within. As we ascend, we must leave much of the density that we have existed in, previously. And this is what we are noticing is occurring when we go through bouts of nausea, dizziness, and soreness throughout our bodies at various times and then periods of sleeplessness and periods of endless sleep as well as forgetfulness. Though the symptoms are plentiful, we would choose rather to focus on the joy of leaving all that is not our truth. All that has weighed us down, that is not who we truly are. For we are shedding those aspects of ourselves that were constructed for the sake of the ego and the personality. And we have learned the lessons that they have brought forth to teach us.

And rest assured that it is only our fears that we mistakenly buy into, that are leaving. For fear is the complete opposite of love. One cannot be in love and have fear in their lives. This is an aspect that has crept into our personalities and our ego. And the only thing that fear begets is more fear. The lie cannot exist before the truth. And fear is a lie. And divine love is the truth.

So, when we insist on being in the state of being that is loving, we are at the polar opposite of fear. We are beyond fear. For fear is a much lower frequency. And by the law of resonance, we attract what we emit. Thus, the law of attraction. When we live in love, we are beyond those experiences that bring about fear. For fear cannot exist in the presence of love.

This is why the angels cannot share to much of their presence with us. For they are so full of pure love, that in their presence we would fall apart consciously. For our unconscious fears would manifest instantly. As the hidden fears we hold cannot exist in the presence of such pure divine love. And as they would come up to leave, this would induce a psychosis episode that would do more harm than good.

There are certain exercises that one can do to discover unconscious fears. However, it is advisable that one be strong in their energy of love. As these will bring about “fearful” images.

mirror and candle.jpg

However, an exercise would be to sit before a mirror with a lit candle at either end of the mirror at each side about arm’s length, by the mirror. And this should be done while the room is darkened. So that the only light is from the candles. And sit and watch the mirror and your eyes within the mirror. As one meditates while this is done, images may come up that will enlighten us as to what we are harboring that may be unconscious fears. And the process is to become aware of these and then to let them go, through love. Realize their untruth and release them.

And even when something comes our way that may seem to be interpreted as fearful. It is our own interpretation and definition of the situation that makes all the difference. For there is always a way to view any experience through a positive light, or expression.

What do we think the Creator does? The Creator always is victorious. And this is because no matter how the whole of Creation views a situation, the Creator knows the truth of All That Is. That All That Is will always be victorious. As when we have eternity always ahead, we always make things anew and aright.

all that is

Be ever mindful, that we are all individuated aspects of Source. We are All That Is. And when we rise in perception to the crest of our Being. From the “most” divine aspect that we are, we have the exact same perception as being God/Source/All That Is/Great Spirit. For being an individuated aspect of God, that is the only view one has at that level of existence. For there are no hierarchies at that level of Source. All is One. And the One is All. The Whole function as One. And the One functions through the Whole. Ever harmonious, eternal and divine.

Welcome home beloved. We have been on numerous journeys together. Ever perfecting the already perfect Creation. Through bringing about the perfect divine individuated aspect of Source, for Us All that you each are. I bless all of you. For I am in the presence of Divinity manifest in Creation at the perfect place and the perfect time. Furthering the evolution of All That Is, eternally.

Perfecting, not only the future, but the present and the past. For all is changed in our eternal now moments. Do we not see how it is impossible to fail? We merely change what needs changing in our now moments to bring about victory, always. For past and future are merely reflections of our now moment. Our now moments are what changes both pasts and futures.

eyes of christ.png

See only reflections of Divinity manifest before all that is before us. And soon we will be physically seeing Angels in our now moments. As we will have transmuted and transcended the lower frequency effluvia that has been our veil. We will be in the presence of such pure divine loving beings before our eyes and be in a reflective state while in their presence, as our fears would have been given up by us, freely. As we will have released all that is not our truth. And ascended once more into our truth. As individuated reflections of the purity of the Divine. Eternal beings as Ascended Masters becoming. Individuated Love Divine Manifest Now! Now! Now!

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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