Using the Frequency of the Vortex

Those of us that have been to power points throughout the Earth, can speak of the power of their energies. As recently we traveled to Sedona, Arizona; which is known for their vortex energies. And really when you are in these energies you really have two distinct emotions that come up.


Some that arrive at these vortex sites are in a state of joyfully blissful energy. Much as when we were all children, we enjoyed everything we did immensely. Playing was the order of the day. And we enjoyed all of our versions of play.

Others that are right beside you on the trail in these vortex sites are in a state of solemnness and anger, to some extent. Feeling very into themselves and really not in the best of moods or feelings.
And these are the two predominant emotions that are noted when one enters into these vortex energetic sites. While some of these vortex sites are more of a male energy and others are more of a female energy. And depending on our own unique “issues” that we are each challenged with, we feel certain emotions while in these locations.


If, for instance, we have a feeling of aggression that come up; chances are that we are on a more male energetic site. Some feel very much in their point of power. And it is obvious that the male energy is being magnified in us, whether we are male or female.

And if we have feelings of timid and sort-of “less than” feelings entering our being, we have probably entered a predominantly female vortex. The gentler nature of the feminine is brought forward for us to note.

Realize that I am sharing more of the negative attributes that would come up. As these are what we need to address and/or transcend. However, these vortex sites will also expand and/or magnify all of our desirous or harmonious energies. As these vortexes greatly amplify all energies. Both the male aspect or the female aspect of feelings and energies will be amplified and magnified while we are in these locations.

So, they are wonderful for realizing where one stands, emotionally speaking. Or what one is projecting, perhaps even unconsciously. As at times we are unaware that we have entered a certain state of being.

Thus, these vortexes are great at being powerfully reflective mirrors of immediacy that shows us what we are emitting, as a predominant frequency of the moment. We get to see immediately, based on our moods and feelings while we are in these locales, what we are resonating with and/or projecting out through our frequency.

balance male and female.gif

And suffice it to say, many times we go into either male attributes of aggression and/or fear. Or feminine attributes of weakness and “less-than” or victim type of emotions. And this is not to say that these are solely expressed by one gender. These are merely references based on attributes that seem either masculine or feminine. Both men and women will find either and/or both of these feelings amplified while on these locales.

And when we are consciously aware of our feelings and energies, we can use these locales to remove and/or repair these energies towards those of our liking; in a very quick way. As these vortices will not only bring these emotions forward, they will assist in the releasing of these from us rather quickly, if we allow it.

If we realize what we are feeling and/or projecting through our aura field, we can then begin to release that which does not serve, and increase that which is our truth. And so, these spots are truly “power-points” for us to take advantage of.

These vortices bring things to the forefront of our consciousness so that we may transmute what we do not want to either reflect or be reflected back to us. As long as we truly intend to release all that is not our truth, these sites will assist in this occurring in a rather quick way.


Now, that being said; we may take advantage of what we have learned while at these vortex sites, and apply the same principles even when we are not there physically. How so?

astral project.jpg

Whenever we go somewhere mentally speaking, there is an aspect of ourselves that goes there somewhat more physically in the now. This is the aspect of us that knows who is going to call us, either before, or when they are calling us; as an example.

When the person that call us begins to think about us, they have as an aspect of themselves, that has literally gone to our locale and started to interact directly with us. This is why we will know who is calling, either before or while the phone is ringing. As they are already there, as an aspect of themselves, that desired to speak with us. And we recognize their energy. Thus, we know who is calling. And picking up the phone and seeing that we were right, is just the last part of physicality that recognizes this.

We may use the same principal to assist us through the vortex energy. How so?

Bell Rock Sedona AZ

We can “google” some images of Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. And when we find the precise image that works for us, we can begin the process of projecting our consciousness there. And I am certain that you will get the frequency of the site immediately upon an intended projection of consciousness of being there. We can feel the exact same energy as when we are there physically. Because an aspect of ourselves that is used to traveling “out of body” goes there when we choose to project our consciousness there. We do this all the time at night when we sleep.

We have been taught again and again from the Ascended Host that when we intend to do something, it happens. There is an aspect of us that goes there immediately, or when we “schedule” to go there.


As we are taught to “intend” to go to the various Ascended Master Retreats, when we go to bed. And the Ascended Host assure us that when we make these intentions before we go to sleep, we surely do go there in our astral body, etheric body, spirit body or whatever name we want to give it. We are there at night, as we had intended. And our “guides” and the angels and our Higher Self all work in tandem to get us there when we intend to be there.

So, if we like the stars, we may make an intent to go visit the vortex sites at night; while we sleep. And we will go there.


Many are helped by asking their Higher Self that we retain some memory of these sojourns when we awaken. And though these may not always occur, we will find that, some of the time, we will be made aware of these experiences. Either as a direct knowing, or through some aspect of the “dreams” we had that night. And the reflections of our consciousness as we experienced it while we were there, will be brought forth into our reality, following a visit to these sites.

What we do, when we intend to be there, is brought to us immediately for our benefit and use. In our current “here and now” moments. And these vortices are excellent for bringing forth all that needs to be brought forth for us to transmute and/or transcend, with respect to certain states of consciousness as we ascend to higher realms.


These vortex energies assist us in realizing what we are projecting and why we are having various reflections that come to us in our own reality. They make our “denser” consciousness awaken to our true frequencies that we are either emitting/projecting or allowing/accepting. We see the reflections of our creations much more quickly and magnified to us. So, all we have to do is be honest with what we are either seeing, feeling and/or hearing; after intending to go there. All that is being brought forth to us is showing us how we are creating.

And based on what is brought forth, we either release that which does not serve. By blessing the energy for showing us what we do not want, and releasing it in freedom after cleansing it through the violet flame or any other means we choose to use for releasing the energy back to its original pristine divine state.

bleesed energies

Never release it in darkness. Rather transmute that which is of a negative nature to that which is positive, and release it into the light. See the violet flame change the darker emotional energy to one of a harmonious state that reflects its own inherent purity and divine light.

Or we bring forth more of that which we desire to experience more of. We call for more of the Divine Love that we experienced, the joy, the bliss, the divinity of all that is. We call for the magnifying of all that is our divine and inherent right to have as divine beings of Source.


For example, we can ask that all that needs to be cleared and removed from obstructing our view from our “third eye” chakra be cleansed and removed; that our vision becomes “one” once more. That we see through the single eye of our Christ eyes. With all the clarity that is our divine right, as an aspect of the Creator that we are. And we use the vortex site to release all the “scales” that have been built around our third eye, that we may see clearly once more. We transmute these “scales” that have clouded our vision into the purity and clarity that they were designed to reflect to us through our blessing and divine love for them showing us what we do not desire. And they go from inhibiting our divine sight, to clarifying our divine sight.

astral projection.jpg

When we visit these sites in our meditation and/or sleep, we will have brought to us all that we need to accomplish in order to be in harmony with our requests. We do not need to “seek” out a solution, as more than likely one will present itself to us; in accord with our desired intents. And this means things that are prohibiting our “sight” from our third eye will be brought forth for us to heal and/or transmute.

Our only objective after making these intents of visitation to these vortex sites through meditation and/or sleep, is to live in a harmonious way with our requests. For what we desire will be brought forth for us to align ourselves with our intent. However, it is us that must recognize what is brought forth and live in accord with how we must now align ourselves to manifest our intent through our Higher Self.

And to be completely honest with ourselves, when we find we must change or transmute our old ways and habits; if this is what is brought forth for clearing and transcending. For we are the change we are seeking. It happens through us, firstly.

Our Higher Self, or Christed Self will bring all to our attention of what we must do. And we work consciously through our octave of physicality to match the energy that our Higher Self brought to us.  Remember, as above so below. Our Higher Self meets us halfway, as we rise to the calling and match our Higher Self, halfway. Then when we have cleared the scales in our own eye, and we see clearly enough, and we will know what we must do to assist others in like frequency.

Now let us be ever mindful that we are always in our own power, unless we choose to give it to others. For we are divinity manifest in this octave of creation. Brought forth at the perfect time and the perfect place to bring forth the Divine in all Creation before us.

Let us ever be mindful that we may use these energy vortex spots to assist us in realizing where we need assistance and what we need to transmute and/or expand. As we use the frequency of the vortex to magnify what it is that we need to change, transmute or clarify.

And realize that when we enter a state of being that seems full of anger, or disharmony of emotional sorts, the vortex energy is working fully with us, in our now moment. For that which does not serve us leaves us through either anger, tears, love and/or laughter. These are our physical releasing of these energies that do not serve. And this is to be honored and not condemned or judged when we experience these. Forgiveness and blessings are all that we should consider as we transmute that which does not serve.

vortex hands

We may also use the vortex energy to magnify all that is divine. And we may use these focal points to expand the divinity in ourselves, as we intend that all that is done for our benefit be done for the whole of humanity. For then we will be living our divine plan. Ever perfecting the already perfect creation, just by our being and our intents. Our being divinity manifest in creation living in harmony as an eternal divine being. Ever viewing the whole of creation through our Christ Eyes. Seeing the reality that all is perfect, divine and of Source/God. God would not create otherwise.

Let us ever be in our “knowing” state of consciousness. As we re-member our divinity at all levels. For through our “knowing” we have left our “thinking”. And truth is a state of knowing, not a state of thinking. Know that All That Is needed you in order to be, All That Is. And until we all live this knowing, we are merely dreaming a dream of limitation.

When in reality, we know we are unlimited eternal divine beings. We always have been and always will be. Unlimited Divine Eternal Beings of Light. Transmuting all that is of shadow to the purity of Divine Light in Divine Love.

Beloved God in me, I Am. I am word through this intention to ever reflect the divinity of creation from within my being, throughout and around the whole of my entire being; in all dimensional realms and octaves. From the infinite within, throughout and around my entire being, in all of my now moments. I am harmony, peace, joy, bliss, abundance and love that I exist within at all times. Let the frequency that I exist in be reflected back to me in harmony, peace, joy, bliss, abundance and love. That all in my presence may begin to reflect their own divine harmony, peace, joy, bliss, abundance and love in like frequency. And let us ever magnify the divine in all forevermore.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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