Limitations Must Give Way to Truth

In truth, I am an Individuated Aspect of Source/God/All That Is, existing as a Divine Eternal Being within Creation, this Cosmic Day. As are each and every one of us. And as such, we have aspects of ourselves that are existing as expressions of us throughout the various realities and dimensions. In other words, we are multidimensional beings. Existing throughout the whole of Creation, in our eternal here and now moment.

Mahatma energy

This being the truth of who we are, we begin to see that all of our teachers that have taught us, over and over, “that we are far greater than we have realized”; are in fact telling us a profound truth. For these aspects of us are all willing to align with us in our eternal here and now moment. And when we stop resisting this process of alignment, we begin to realize that we truly are without limit.
As this comes about firstly from within, then we see the reality bringing “like” frequency through the law of resonance. And then we bring forth more of the same, as we build momentum of expression evermore. We will realize more and more our moments of communing that take place with many aspects of ourselves.

When we live our truth, that we are Divine Beings; we increase the Divine Love and Light that exists on this planet. We are in fact the living example. And as we each live this more and more, our whole World transitions into one of more and more harmony and peace, in truth.


For in truth, we are already in a dimension in which our manifestations are coming about more quickly into our reality. And this is why we are seeing such upheavals. For we are bringing about much that needs to be transmuted and transcended. As we “recreate” our imperfect creations, anew.
And yet, as we have been shown the darkness that we have accumulated must be released as this is no longer able to exist in this dimensional realm. In other words, these darker aspects of us are being brought forth at this time to transmute and transcend. And should we perpetuate the negative state, we will see this brought about more “harshly” until we acquiesce.

And some of society are accomplishing this in an unconscious manner. And this is when we see aspects of accumulated effluvia being transcended in a rather “harsh” manner. Such as earthquakes, flooding, fire disasters and so forth.

None of this diminishes the tragedy that we see, as all effected are having to start existence anew. When those that are in these areas that have been devastated must witness all that they once held so dear, disappear. Only to then have to begin immediately attaining some semblance of a life, yet once more.


As Gaia ascends, we must ascend with Her as well. And neither Gaia, nor ourselves are able to keep these “denser” accumulations either within or without ourselves. These will be brought forth to transmute and transcend. And all concerned are involved in these experiences. And choose to go through these on some level.

These changes are being brought forth at the precise timing so that all involved will have the most benevolent outcome. With the least amount of transition from one realm to another. With the exception of those that choose to change their realm of existence, while going through a certain tragedy. And we must all honor each one their own choice. For they too have a Divine aspect that chose to have the expression of leaving through that experience, or it would not have occurred.
Please be respectful of everyone’s choice they make as individuals, with regard to when they choose to transition. And do not be linger their transition, by being selfish in grief. For this holds many back from their intended goal in this transitional state. As they feel obligated to “tend” to their living mourners. When they know that they are needed elsewhere, both for themselves and others in their new now moment.


We exist with the elementals, the angelic, as well as the nature and animal realms. And all realms are undergoing this transition. And these realms are experiencing and bringing about these changes at their own unique levels. And this doesn’t stop at our planet, or world. For we are all transitioning throughout this quadrant of the galaxy. All are undergoing a similar change in heightened frequency. An ascension, long overdue.

We must go through this transition with as much harmony as possible. And yet, there are these occurrences that bring “shock” and “awe” to us all.

However, we are assured that these are giving way to more of our truths coming forth. We must realize our creations and how much limitation has been built into them. And we must repair these limitations that we ourselves have created, so as not to occur once more. For much that we see going “wrong” with recovery and assistance, is due to our own limiting creations. When we have money earmarked for profits and are shorthanded at giving money where it is truly needed, we are not in truth. For what is a “profit” in the scheme of Divinity. Much unlike what we hear from some, God does not need money. God needs those that recognize and love the Divinity in all.

divine love

Our priorities must change to having Divine Love and Light for all. Not just those we have judged to be worthy. This has always been humanities downfall. And we see that this takes place in all areas. From spiritual/religious to the educated and wealthy and those that feel “unworthy.” All have partaken in some fashion of being judgmental.

These are limitations that must give way to truth. And the truth is we are all equal. From the man that is homeless or sleeping in the gutter, to the Ascended Host. All are equal Divine individuated expressions of Source.

Until humanity can realize that we are one people, on one planet that all are deserving of living and expressing their individualized aspect of perfection they bring and grow through, we will be living in limitation. And once more, limitation must give way to truth.

This type of transition will be continuing for as long as we choose to resist the new. For clinging to the “old” ways no longer works. And the longer we delay the change, the greater the change seems to come about in full force; when it does come. Much like letting the pressure build to unmanageable heights, and then letting that false belief or untruth go all at once. As the “seams” of this reality give way to truth, the subsequent release is, then, rather explosive.

divine consciousness

Consciously choosing to align oneself to their own Divinity within, is the only way to smoothly bring about transition both individually and collectively. As our Higher Self will assist us in transmuting and transcending all of our creations that are inharmonious, in a most benevolent and graceful way.
When we successfully tune-in to our Sacred Heart, we begin to bring about the virtues of mercy and grace. And when we live in accord with this Divine aspect of ourselves, we avoid the “harsher” lessons. As we are in the flow, with the Divine. As we live harmoniously in the now. We come about to realization in a harmonious and gentle way. We go directly into the state of “knowing.” Without the “lesson.”

As we seek to bring forth, what has yet to be transmuted and transcended; we notice more and more that our Higher Self has brought this to our attention and brought forth the solution to these in one fell swoop. And what would have potentially been brought forth as a “harsh” lesson, is suddenly brought about as a realization in an “ah-ha” moment. Never to be reexperienced or relearned again. As we have then successfully transmuted and transcended through the various initiations being brought forth, as we ascend.

This is transitioning through integrating all that we have come to learn from and integrate through. This is the gentle way that Source gives us to learn and grow through, when we are in accord with our I Am Presence. This is the advantage of accomplishing this transition in a conscious manner.


When meditating, be mindful of all chakras and envision them being perfectly aligned and centered. With the most invigorating of colors that they each respectively emanate. And picture these chakras being aligned with our Divine I Am Presence. Picture the 8th chakra above the head being our point of presence with the Divine. Picture the heart chakra having a direct link to this 8th chakra. And let us meld into this aspect of ourselves. Really feel this energy, for this is your unique Divine energy. All That Is, needed this precise Divine energy to be, All That Is. Learn to recognize and love your own Divine energy.

From this melded realm of us with our Divinity, bring forth the calls for assistance and strength and all that is necessary to be brought forth for those that have been involved in these experiences. Bless them for their bravery in transmuting and transcending much in such experiences. And offer any assistance that one chooses to bring forth from these realms and beyond. And do this in all earnestness, through the Sacred Heart.

We may assist in more physical means should we be in a position. And yet, from these other realms we can assist as well. For our energies are put forth for those that may benefit.

All limitations will continue to give way to truth. More and more each and every day, more and more in every way. Focus on truth as the new reality sets in. For all must give way to truth. For the former things have passed away and are never to be brought to mind. As they have been integrated, through our experience, in truth.

And the truth is that numerous Divine expressions of God may bring forth the harmony, peace and unconditional love that all of God deserves; here and now. The One for All, and the All for One. Be ever-living the Law of One. Be ever unfolding the Divine plan. Be ever the means by which Gaia and All of Us ascend.

United and undivided in unconditional love. United and undivided in unity consciousness. United and undivided in action/deed.

Ascending, through the journey of a lifetime. For the journey is the destination. The experiences give way to the complete Divine expressions ever unfolding. Divinity ever unfolding and manifest at all levels of Creation, once more living harmoniously and peacefully in the eternal ever-present, now moments.

divine light

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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