Divine Feminine

The P’s, as Wendy Kennedy speaks of the 9th dimensional Pleiadian Group Consciousness, speak of bringing back the Divine Feminine, once more. And they speak of this energy as having an aspect of a self-reflective and receptive energy that we have neglected within our own lives.

Wendy Kennedy

Our current male-dominant, left-brain, reality is one of accomplishments from an outward perspective. And since this means being “on-the-go” always, we have difficulty taking time to turn inward. As most are caught-up in accomplishments from a rather external materialistic point of view.

However, living in the 4th and 5th dimensional realms, is one of love. And “true” love encompasses the Divine Feminine, which has an aspect of receptive energy. And this must begin from within, firstly. For when we are the state of being we desire to see reflected back to us, in this universe of “reflections”, the universe must gather more of our Creation and bring this back to us. This is the “cause and effect” reality. This may, just as well, be termed the “cause and reflect” reality. For what you put out, is what you get back.

So, we must recognize the need to bring back the Divine Feminine from within, firstly. And an aspect of the Divine Feminine, is to be loving to one’s self. Loving enough to take the time to go within. To bring back that Divine and nurturing power of the feminine, for ourselves, firstly.

When we stop our “outer-reality” for periods of reflection through our favorite form of meditation, we are developing from within. We are giving to ourselves, the Divine Feminine energy. When we are willing and able to be this kind and generous in service to ourselves, we grow in “true” balance.

The perceived “passive” energy of going within is in all reality, very “active” and powerful. And we have neglected this Divine energy for far too long. When we afford our inner world with as much love and reflection we tend to give the outer world, we truly come into our power. And this is the “true” power, because it is a balanced-point of power.

For whether we are male or female, we have an aspect of the Divine Feminine. For the goal is to be in total balance of the genders. And dawning a male gender, does not negate the female aspect that exists within ALL. Then we may see the universe bringing similar “reflections” back to us.

As the male energy has always been perceived as one of attainment externally. The female energy has been seen as the true power of attainment internally. And we must recognize that we need to be as sensitive and nurturing to ourselves as we would expect ourselves to be with others.

divine female 7

When we “tune-into,” develop and nurture our Divine Feminine aspect, our intuitive abilities increase. Our ability to “commune” with our guides and various teachers is heightened. Our sensitivity to the subtle realities and energies grows tremendously. And then, we begin to realize that we may “trust” our intuition and our subtle realities, as much as we tend to trust the “outer-reality” throughout our days. And a whole reality opens to us, that we were unaware of. And this reality is truly the one we have been waiting for.

Those that peer into our future “time-lines” say that in those times, people are much more at peace being within. The world changes to a pace of self-reflection and nurturing periods, through going within. There are less “organized” places to gather at, as people turn within, firstly. And then through this internal guidance they end up synchronistically with whomever they are resonating with. In other words, we successfully integrate the Divine Feminine throughout the whole of our society. And even how we gather changes as we bring back this much needed quality, into our lives; once more.

This is when “true” peace comes back. This is when we grow quickly into our Divine power. For the balance is established once more. Balance of the genders. Balance of us within and without. Balance of the above and below realms. Not just at the personal level, but throughout the whole of our planetary body.

We must recognize that the entire universe is a reflection of the microcosm. As above, so below. And as below, so above; in reciprocation. So, the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm, as well. And since everything “stems” from within, firstly; we may learn all about the macrocosm from our microcosm. As well as the reverse.

For we are going back to Oneness. And we are bringing back the aspects of us that we have fragmented. And this include the “borders” between our male and female aspects. Has this not been reflected to us in the “outer” reality? Remember, as within so without. Do we not see the past “hard-lines” of what was perceived as male and female diminishing? Does not the newer generation display a more balanced approach to the genders?

This must occur as we return to Oneness.


When the reality reflects a more balanced view of the genders, in equality, we know we are well underway. And when we see the Divine Feminine being expressed through both genders, we know we are well underway. And though each of us has our own pace at which we adapt, we can each do our part to hasten the day.

When men are not afraid to express what is truly going on within, and women are not acquiescing to the “status-quo” of male-dominant “left-brained” consensus; we bring about “true” change. We must value both expressions of our genders, in balance. Each aspect being a true power-house within their own right.

Without demeaning those that are not of our gender. As many a time, I have seen women demean their male counterparts for expressing a feminine “emotion”. This only prolongs men’s willingness to allow “vulnerability” to be expressed. And if this gets denied from within, it will not be expressed in the without. And then these ones wonder why their male counterpart is not willing to listen to their “vulnerabilities,” and be sharing.

Remember, the reality is a reflection. If we “mock” those that display a perceived “feminine” emotion. Expect the universe to bring us into the exact same circumstances.

Or let us not let the male-dominant attitude overshadow the feminine qualities. For though these are brought forth in a rather soft-spoken manner. The wisdom of the Divine Feminine is without a doubt sorely missed, in the whole of our societies.

And many I time I have seen males “trample” through their female counterpart’s feelings and emotions in a “bullish” manner. Rather than acquiesce to the soft inner-reflections that their female counterparts bring forth, so peacefully. Mostly, these ones are experiencing a period of emotional expressions in which they are wanting to be heard, and acknowledged.


The balance-point is achieved through both genders when we integrate the whole. Never negating an emotion, even if we feel it is not reflective of “how we see it”. When we give up the need to be “proven right” or have our view be the “dominant” view, we return to peace. We are all together in Oneness. At the core of each individual is neither a male nor a female. At the core we are “completion” of both these genders. Without division. Encompassing the whole. The true balance-point of power from within to without. From above to below.

As the universe as whole operates in a balanced way, we find that seasons not only turn throughout the cosmos. Seasons are reflected in ALL aspects of our reality. And this next period of growth, is that of bringing back the Divine Feminine. The female is the true power, throughout this time. And, just in the nick of time.

As the male-dominant energy that has been at the forefront for millennia has just about brought our planet and our people and everything within to the brink of extinction. Through power-over others and fear, we have brought out these reflections. Now, we must balance our Creations. With the saving-grace of the Divine Feminine, we will turn this around. We will bring back the Divine Love and balance we all have been seeking.

Remember, women. You/We are the ones that we have been waiting for. When we each accept our Divine roles, we create the change we have been waiting for. The balance has shifted to the feminine. Let us bring more of this back, in glory. Let us ground the Divine Feminine energy throughout the whole of our reality, and let us hasten the day.

Let us bring back more of the Divine Feminine throughout the whole of society and throughout the whole of our planetary body. From the core of Gaia to the core of each individuated expression of the Divine. This truly brings back the golden age in balance. The permanent golden age of Gaia. As Freedom’s Holy Star. Shining Her brilliance as only the Divine Feminine can.

divine feminine

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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