"Non-linear" Reflections

I’ve had my future given to me by two different friends at two different points in my life. And suffice it to say, these ones really successfully brought forth what I truly lived throughout my life. Both of these times, my friends wanted to see my “future” and they felt confident in reading it. Much to my surprise.

I had never “sought out” a reading. Nor did I pay for these readings. I was just as surprised when they read my “future” as anyone would be. Especially, when the second individual said that I would “go for” ascension in this lifetime.

For I was only 18 years of age, when this occurred. The first reading took place when I was 12. I had absolutely no idea what was meant by ascension. And since she was fairly young as well, her answer to what ascension was; seemed rather ambiguous to me. As she said that it was something spiritual, like what Jesus did. And that was all we spoke of, concerning my “lifelong trek” of ascension.

This second reading I hadn’t recalled at all throughout my life, until I was in my early 40’s. As much of what she said, seemed so far removed from how I perceived life throughout my younger days. However, by this time I was beginning the studies that eventually led to the knowledge of what ascension is.

And by my mid 40’s, in what appears to be rather ironic, I was going into meditative states in which I was communing with her directly “back” in that time-frame, to give me the messages concerning my future.

In other words, I was giving myself messages throughout time. And this I’m absolutely certain of, as when she gave me the reading; she said it was like speaking to a future version of myself. And that I was giving her the information directly so that she could convey a message for me, in effect; from myself.

spiral time

Many of us are having to “re-learn” what it is like to experience time. As time is not linear. In “truth” time is spiral/circular. And I am remembering this from a rather direct experience, as I have given myself assistance throughout time. All to help convince myself of this concept. And I have begun to “recall” other instances of these supposed time paradoxes. For in truth, which “time” has/had come first?

Was the aspect of me that went into meditation in 2016 the “first” to give my friend the reading, in 1988? As from my experience, in a “linear” time-frame, this was the “last” occurrence of the event. From a now moment in 2016, I experienced the reading from the “other-side”. As the conveyer of my reality to my friend for an aspect of me that was only 18 at the time. As this was how the meditation was perceived. And yet, when I was 18 was when I received this assistance from the version of myself from the/a future.

She knew how I looked in the future, and described it. And she was/is right. She saw my entire shift of reality from one of a very secular nature, to one of a very spiritual nature. She saw that I had many teachers come forth, to teach me. For when the student is ready, the teacher or teachers will arrive.
She laughed as she said that I would have such marvelous teachers, and some of them were actually “humans”. I had no idea what was meant by this, back then. As I was not spiritually inclined, or in a family that had any knowledge of dimensional realms and beings existing throughout Creation. As far as I knew, back then, the only beings were human, or angelic/demonic.

And yet, since that time, I have been instructed by the “magnetic master” Kryon. I have learned much through the Essassani, from Bashar. And I have been instructed through the Elohim, the Melchizedek, the Ascended Host and the Angelic Realm. I’ve come to learn through 6th dimensional and beyond, group consciousness expressions; such as Ra and the Law of One; as well as others. And yes, even some “human” instructors, have helped me.

She asked if I had ever heard of “channeling”? This was back in 1988. And she told me about Jane Roberts and the Seth material. So, I went out and bought the book.

According to the way I was raised, I was taught to be fearful of anything that was spiritual. So, buying the book and reading it; seemed to be rather “taboo”. However, I was very curious. And when I read it, I found that I resonated with the material. And that there seemed to be nothing inherently “wrong” with receiving information through this medium. Although, I never pursued “channeled” material again, until, much later in life.

When I turned 37, I had a major awakening and a total change in my whole reality. I spent the next 10 years studying all I could about spirituality, as well as learning about our cosmic friends/ancestry. I didn’t “limit” myself to a specific “faith” or spiritual leaning. I studied everything.

And this was another aspect that she saw. She said many individuals spend an entire lifetime studying in a particular faith. However, she saw that I studied them all. And learned the “true” meaning behind these various expressions. At least, the “truth” as I saw it.

And it was around this same time that I began for the first time, in this incarnation, consciously realizing my interactions with those that are not from our world. This began rather simply, as my subconscious was releasing little bits of my reality that I had no direct conscious knowledge of. Suddenly, I was commenting about extraterrestrials and aliens. And I was surprised at my comments, as I had never had any interest in this subject before. Nor had I “sought-out” anything in this field.

cosmic beings

To date, I’ve only one “fully” conscious experience of being with these other Beings. This took place around 2007. And the whole of the experience is filled with “gaps” in memory. And yet the parts that I do recall are wonderful. The density and energy that was with these ones was amazing. I have never felt that much “love” and “joy” in our reality, here on Earth. The whole time I was with them, I felt like a joyous child; filled with such zeal and harmony.

And coming back to our density, was/is hard. It is like going from flying freely to walking through water. That seems to be the feeling I noticed, when coming back into our level of density.

I know there have been other “visits” but I have no conscious memory of these other visits. Although, my body does have certain “marks” that are not normal. As my right leg seems to have had some sort of knee surgery, that I have no recollection of. However, the very thin “scar” or line is there. And no “human” Dr. has performed any type of surgery on my legs. Although on examination they do comment on my leg. Inquiring as to what surgery, I’ve had done there. And the “scar” has not always been there. There are other parts of my body that have been given “assistance”. And sometimes there are “marks” that remain from these interactions.

gabe-and-cosmic-beings - Copy

I guess at this time the only thing that I can say for certain, is that it’s cheaper than “modern medicine”. So, I am grateful. I haven’t received a “bill” from my galactic family for these procedures. Perhaps, we humans can learn from this?

We are “growing” into our 4th/5th dimensional realms. We all are going to be “noticing” or “remembering” our various unique experiences in “non-linear” time. And these recollections will assist us in recalling that we are truly unlimited Divine Beings.

And as such, we chose to “manipulate” our reality to have a “slowed-down” linear-time perspective. This has allowed us to really “see” how we create. And this reality magnified our beliefs and our feelings back to us. For the whole of Creation is a “mirror” for our Creations to reflect back to us. That we may “learn” that we are always Creating.

And so, we may “learn” to Create, only, Divine and harmonious expressions. For there is no time, we are not Creating.

As we work on integrating aspects of our consciousness that we have neglected, such as our subconscious and unconscious realms. We will be bringing forth many experiences that we have not recognized before. And in these interactions, we will come to realize that never, have we ever truly been alone. For our families extend out into the stars. We have been doing much more than we have realized, until now.


Remember, we are all Individuated Expressions of the Divine. There is no “outside” of God/Source. And our time period is at a culmination. And through this culmination, we are returning/remembering our own multidimensional expressions. As all time is here and now. We have already ascended. If we truly want an experience, we must realize that Creation brings this forward.

If one wants to ascend, then that means that one already has an aspect of oneself that is already ascended. And we are merely “tuning-into” this aspect of ourselves, to meet ourselves, their/then, through the law of resonance. We “merge” into this aspect of our multidimensional self.


Much like we are all “merging” into Oneness with our own Individuated I Am Presence. Like we are “merging” into our Group Mind, or Unity Consciousness. These are all existing now, as we speak. We have merely “elongated” the experience through time, of “merging” into these expressions. We have “stretched” it out, so that we may savor the experience of the journey. For the journey is the destination.

So, if it ALL gets too much for us…

Remember, in another aspect of time, we are already there. “Savor” the experience, don’t “sweat it”. Remember, it is not the circumstances changing that makes the difference. It is our response to the “same” circumstances that shows we are changing; once we handle them differently. Through harmony. Through the eyes of Christ, that see nothing but perfection in ALL.

We each have such unique and Divine experiences and expressions throughout Creation. And Divine Expressions are eternally Creating. Be the Divine and Loving Creation that we choose to Live from. Ever expanding in the endless eternal here and now moments of expression.

So, did the one who saw me going for ascension, see me complete my ascension? She almost concluded the “reading” when she asked, I wonder if you succeed in ascending? The only comment after that was, Wow!

So far, I haven’t “seen” what she saw? All in good time, aye?

Much love and blessings to my friends who worked with me, throughout time, to give me my messages. They have meant allot.

ascension light-body

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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