Returning to Oneness

Our experience has been ongoing for some time in the 3rd density. And we have fairly recently progressed into the 4th density. And as this is our “new” reality, we are excited to be entering this new environment, once more. As we have all been here before, however, most of us, have little to no recall of this; as of now. So, what have we gotten ourselves into?

If we take a look at the “densities” that we go through, we see that they each have their own unique “theme” for us to grow through and from. And while in the 3rd density, “courage” was the over-all theme. The new theme for the 4th density is… Love. And then we integrate wisdom into love in the 5th density.

So, from 3rd to 5th density, we have a trinity of “over-all” learning. We have courage, love and wisdom. Although, we go through learning much more than these over-all lessons. As we each take on learning through the various virtues of the Divine, which have been divided into seven, in our reality. Yet, these “over-all” themes of learning are magnified as lessons through these realms of reality.

divine love

And many may recognize that love is the aspect of our reality that is really coming into being in our time. For we are learning the lesson that Divine Love is truly, unconditional. And many of us have only loved when love suited our perceived reality. In other words, we have great experience in loving with “conditions” attached. And now, we are having to learn that love in its “pure” state is truly unconditional.

This means that if our spouse, parent, child or other loved ones decide that their reality is fine without our direction; we must truly be loving with them, and this means loving unconditionally. For if we state that we love one, only if they are within our perceived truth, we are not truly loving. True love has absolutely no conditions. Anyone that expresses “love” with conditions is not truly expressing love. They are expressing “control” over others, through “manipulation” and “service-to-self.” Even if for a perceived benefit, the intent would not override the error in approach.

For once we have put a condition in place of the love, or before our love, we have removed an aspect of “free will” from the one we are to be loving. And not even Source, would dishonor our inherent Divine free-will. Source, the Ascended Host, the Angelic Host and our own I Am Presence always honor free-will, firstly.

We too must honor all that Source has given us. And this includes honoring all as free-will individuals of the Divine. For truly, we are all playing “roles” in our reality. One time we will be the parent, the next time we may be the child. One time we may be male and another time we will dawn a female expression. And in order to provide the “lessons” for others, we have all taken on the roles necessary to give such an experience. As such, we have all been on the “other side of the coin,” as it were. We have each lived through experiences that are to give us insight, as to the “other-side” of the expression. We have been both “bad” and “good” expressions for our teaching/learning and others teaching/learning.

When we listen to the direction of the Ascended Host, they state that we should have no “opinion” of anyone. This would be truly honoring their Divine Being as a free-will expression, that they truly are. For when we start “judging” what we see before us, and forcing our opinions on others, we bring about the disharmony into the whole of the reality. For we bring about judging and opinions not only for them, but for us as well. For what we create goes forth into creation and gathers more of its kind and brings that back to us as the original creator.

Many times, we enter a state of immediately presuming to know all that is before us, based on our “ego” perceptions. And suffice it to say that no one can truly know all that is before them, unless they themselves lived through that expression. We know not, what that individual’s Higher Self is teaching them. We know not what their true condition is. Therefore, we would be better-off having zero opinions of anyone, and thus refrain from “judging” anything or anyone as the Ascended Host teach us.

Imagine if our spirit guides, guardian angels and guardian spirits judged us?

As we are in the return to Oneness, state of reality; we must live in harmony with all. Every expression of the Divine is on a path that must end in returning to Oneness. There is no other option. As there is nothing outside of Source. There is existence and there is non-existence. And if one exists, then one can’t be a part of non-existence; by definition.

And when we listen to those that have gone through our stage of reality and beyond, they all state that returning to Oneness is a grand and Divine experience and expression. For even in the return to Oneness we do not lose our individuated expressions. We grow infinitely as Divine individuated expressions of the One. The One for the All and the All for the One.


There are those individuals that are attempting to “halt” their progress, by refusing to look “upwards”, if you will. For there are those that are in the 4th density that are expressing more of a “service-to-self” type of experience. These are those that are working on “love-to-self”, only. These are ones that believe in “breaking” the universal rules. Rather than returning to loving Divinely in unconditional love, they are “usurping” the truth of the Sacred Heart chakra. They are only concerned with love from a selfish aspect. As in “me first”. These are the ones that seek “power-over-others”.

And this is more of a “twisted” aspect of the 4th density lesson. For the true lesson is to love Divinely, which is unconditionally. And this Divine and natural love drives all ever back to Oneness.
And due to free-will, these are using this aspect of Creation to refuse to ascend. They would rather be “perpetually” in the higher aspects of 4th density, without progressing further. As they really feel they have “mastered” their reality, through “service-to-self.”

And in order to “halt” the natural progression of ascension, they must exist in their reality as a “parasitic.” These ones gain their energy, in a parasitic fashion, through conflict generated by 3rd density expressions. This is their “sustenance,” if you will. Rather than ascend back into Oneness, these ones refuse to progress further in ascension and evolution.

And as this is the Creation, nothing is allowed to be stagnant. This is why in the Creation all is in motion. All is in frequency and vibration that is ever in motion. Just as we breathe in and out, so does the whole of Creation.

As this is not our “true” home, which pre-dates the Creation. This is why we all naturally ascend. For we are ever returning to the Oneness from which we all have come. And they, much like ourselves have forgotten their “true” home. And are “caught-up” in the illusions of Maya. Refusing to progress back into Oneness.


As Gaia ascends back into her 5th dimensional expression, these are ever in desperation. For their perceived “home” is being diminished before their very eyes. For we are moving beyond the “separation” games. As we ascend back into Oneness, we bring back the harmony, peace, wisdom and love Divine. And this occurs for everyone. Even those expressions that are desirous of the “status-quo.”

Our unconditional love may assist those that have lived this type of expression for far too long. For through our unconditional love, an aspect of themselves that has been dormant for some time; may come forth more powerfully now. And through the law of resonance, we may be of assistance. For if we match their own I Am Presence’s unconditional love for them, we bring about a change that they may choose to experience. As the reflection is facing them both from within and without, as this occurs. All without any “force” whatsoever. That they may maintain their free-will choice to acquiesce, or move on.

As we grow ever further in the 4th density, we increase in our experience and expressions of Love Divine. For we are those that we have been waiting for. We are the “chosen” ones that are bringing back the Divinity throughout the whole of Gaia. As She ascends, we too ascend. And we convert the planet from the reputation of being the “dark star” to the true expression She is as Freedom’s Holy Star of Divine Light and Illumination. As we bring about the permanent golden age of Gaia. For we are the Light Workers. We are those that take the motto of the Great White Brotherhood to heart… To Dare, to do and to be silent.

An army of the “Great Silence” bringing forth the Divine plan for our planetary body, Gaia. I Am a Divine Spark of Source, illuminating the entire reality. Bringing about the perfect change through our “true” power, Love Divine. From the ever eternal, here and now. Our true “balance-point” of power. In the ever-beloved symbiotic relationship with Gaia and Humanity.

Be at peace. Bring about and maintain harmony, always. Be ever in Love Divine, unconditionally. Be the Oneness of Source, here and now. As this is a demonstration of living the lessons gained from 3rd to 5th density. Courage, Love and Wisdom. Ever expanding, from here and now. In perfect balance.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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