Thanksgiving (As above, So below)

We are told by the Ascended Host that we bring into our reality, seeds and actions that occur from our visits to the Ascended realm. And that they had originally instituted a day of thanksgiving for their joy of service with/for us.

And as we are ever guided by these Divine loving beings, we “picked-up” this holiday from their energy, as well as our participation in it, and carried it forth into our reality. Much like we bring forth many of their teachings from their realm, we also bring forth energetic frequencies as well as experiences; that are existing in the Ascended realms.

The paradox, is the inability for us to “recall” these happenings/occurrences. As we have been taught since childhood that these realms known as “dreams” and “imaginations” are “fictitious.”  And in truth, these realms we dismiss rather lightly; are in fact as “real,” if not more “real,” than our everyday “waking” state.


And folks, the 5th dimensional realm is accessible, here and now, through imagination. This is the “doorway” or “stargate” to these higher vibrational realities. The aspect of us that we have been told is “fictitious,” “mumbo-jumbo,” is in truth, “the way.”

Any who have invented or developed something that has been of value to themselves and others has brought this about from the original point of “imagination” or “dream.” We have all heard the expression, “make your dreams come true.”  Through our passions, desires and feelings we manifest our greatest achievements from the conception of the “imagination” or the “dream.”


Children easily “see” and “remember” much more of the “true” reality. As they have recently come from these higher dimensional realms. This is why they easily “see” angels, fairies, their guides and so forth. Since they have recently come from these higher dimensional realms, they still know they exist and so they interact with them.

This is why we hear the admonition, “unless you become as children, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” We must remember/relearn the state that we were in, inherently, when we first came into this incarnation. And since we were in that state of being, as children. We “know” how, because, we have already done this before. However, like any “muscle” if we haven’t used it in a while. At first it is very challenging to get into the flow. Then we do eventually develop/recall it, once more; once we establish the flow. Or create the bridge, once more, if you will.

Unfortunately, those that “grow” out of these realities; are more than willing to diminish these states of being before others as they have “left” interacting with these realms. And most children/parents succumb to the “peer-pressure” of conformity, so they too start dismissing these as purely “made-up.” And, in “truth” these ones consciously choose to “turn-off” this inherent aspect of themselves. All in order to “fit-in” with those that dismiss their accounts of the “true” reality.

However, now we are ever-increasing into these higher vibrational realms. And as we ascend in frequency, it becomes easier to interact and recall these interactions in the higher realms of existence. Many are now awakening from sleep, realizing that they have been in some class/school. As folks are “waking-up” they are hearing these “lectures” taking place, that they are “tuned-into.” These are the higher 4th dimensional realms we attend at night. And we use our astral body to go to these realms for learning.

Some folks, live their entire life not realizing that these are aspects of their own multidimensional-self that they deny exist. And yet, even for those that are unaware, or in denial that these exist. Much that take place in these realms, does influence their “waking” reality. As an aspect of ourselves that is “awake” in these realms, is ever working with our Higher Self; to bring about our attention to and recollection of these realms in which we interact.

This is how we came to this holiday of thanksgiving. Even though, we attribute it to a particular “historical” event, or as an invention thereof. We brought it forth, after learning and participating in it; with the Ascended Host. And we do this with many of their “teachings” and “interactions.” We bring them from the 5th dimensional and higher realms, into our experiences here in the 4th dimensional realm.

And this is very similar to how we bring about the ascension of Gaia and ourselves. The more we “recall” and “validate” these realms we are already interacting with, the more these realms manifest in our here and now. And this is the ascension.

Going to these realms, and remembering/learning to consciously know and interact with these realms, in our “waking” state. And more of us are doing this more and more often, each and every day. More and more in every way. When we can no longer differentiate these states of “wake” and “sleep”, we will have made it to the higher 4th dimensional realms. As well as the beginning of the 5th dimensional realm of here and now; no “time.”

And this is why it is difficult for us to interact with these in our “waking” states of being, now. As we are still within the “illusion” of time, in the lower-mid 4th dimensional realms. So, to “translate” these “timeless” states into that of a linear-time perspective; is challenging. This is why our “dreams” come to us in symbols. The concept of symbols seems “easier” to translate into something meaningful in our linear-consciousness state of being “awake.” Although the truth is that these interactions are in/with our multidimensional aspect of 5th dimensional expressions of timelessness.

This holiday is grander than we realize. As we see that this holiday exists in our multidimensional expressions, as well. So, let us give thanks to this “greater” recollection. When we give thanks, let us consciously give thanks to those that are “partaking” in the higher-dimensional realms. And let us do our utmost, to “recall” our celebrations with those of the Ascended Host; this holiday.
As we have been told, we all partake in these celebrations. Even though most of us don’t “recall” these beautiful and loving adventures. The more we each make the “intent” to remember/recall the more we bring these energies to our now moment of a “balanced-point.”

As we bring the 5th and 4th dimensional higher realms “down” to our mid/lower 4th dimensional now, we reach a balance-point in-between. And our combined energies are bringing our “version” of memory to this balanced-point.

This is our collective Unity Consciousness in action. We create the balance-point in which we can bring forth more of these interactions into our “waking” reality, with full recollection. And as we do this, we build this bridge. And then as this bridge is used, we simultaneously ascend. Until there is no need for a bridge, and we pass the “tipping-point” and we are in these realms permanently. This “tipping-point” is commonly known as the 100th monkey effect. When All that choose to partake in a similar vibrational 5th dimensional experience, ascend; simultaneously.

And as we give thanks for All That Is, let us be grateful for all we have and have been given. Let this appreciation and gratitude we may express flow through our Sacred-Heart Center to All That Is, in unconditional love. And as we do so, we recognize that as long as we stay in this flow; we are ascending. And if we deviate for a period, we merely go back into the flow as soon as possible; without judgements. Thanksgiving! As above, so below.

Happy Thanksgiving

 Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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