Vibrations and Energy

We are all living in a holographic universe that is made up of energy and vibration. And these are ever in motion. And the vibration that we personally experience is reflective of our state of being. If we are in a loving and harmonious state of peace, we are in a higher state of vibrational frequency; then when we are in a state of anger, condemnation, criticism or disharmony, in general.

And as we strive to maintain this state of natural harmony, we open ourselves to more of our truth. For without the “clouds” of the lesser frequencies, we see more clearly and easily the truth of our reality. And the reflection that is ever before us starts to bring about a reality that is more representative of our true, pure and luminous natural state of being.

As we live this state more and more, we open to our “inner-consciousness” more openly as well. We commune with our subconscious and unconscious states of reality, ever more clearly. And this is when we “clear” the path to communing with those that are here to guide and assist us.

The truth of this holographic universe, is that throughout the whole of the construct is a matrix that all within Creation have access to. And this is where we “tune-into” to find our information. As we clear ourselves through meditation, we gain access to this level of reality. And our growth expands ever further, as we gain confidence and build our own momentum of using this aspect of our reality.


Just like any muscle, if not used, will diminish and/or atrophy. Initially when we go within, in meditation, we may feel as if there is not much occurring. However, through “re-activation” of this practice, we will see changes come about. And when we explore these realms that come to us in meditation, without judgement and preconceived-notions, we begin to commune with our guides, clearly and easily.

And the “feeling” becomes the impetus. For when we have no distractions, we start to notice various feelings come to us. For some a “tingling” feeling or a pressure of vibration, or a “chill” might be felt. And these feelings come about throughout the whole body. Sometimes these feelings may be felt strictly in the head, and other times being felt all throughout the body.

There are those that have come to associate these feelings with certain of their guides. Some will feel the Pleiadeans vibrating their left, or right leg or thigh, and so forth. We can actually ask that these specifics be given to us. And our guides will work accordingly with us. And as we grow in using and recognizing these energies, we will also grow in realizing that these are the energies that all use throughout the matrix in the universe, that allow their thoughts to enter our realm and visa-versa, through our brain.

For all that is given to us is given through energy at a certain vibrational frequency. And our body is designed to then interpret this energy into conscious-coherent “knowing”. This is what we use, when we use telepathy or telempathy. We use our instrument, to receive and interpret the information received through vibrational frequency of energies.

And we have all had the experience of entering a room that was “charged”, perhaps in a negative way. Like when there is about to be a fight. The energy is very different and heavy, when this occurs. We are recognizing or knowing a certain state of vibrational energy. Another example would be the energy felt when someone is “staring” at us. We each have a tendency to turn the direction of the one that is doing the looking.

When we intentionally focus on our Sacred-Heart chakra, when in meditation; we go into the unity and oneness of the reality. And our heart brings forth only harmony, peace and divine love. So, when we are focused on this center we are calling forth the divine love and wisdom that only the heart knows fully.

And the hearts main way of “sharing” and “expressing” is through vibrational frequency. We each feel these emanations from the heart as bliss, love, peace and harmony. And the heart brings these in waves to all of our body.

However, when the heart “speaks” in verbal terms, it is very short. The heart will only express, seemingly, limited sentences. Usually, we will get a single-line of wording given to us. Like, “this will not serve you”.

The reasoning seems to be that “words” are very limiting from the hearts perspective. The heart can convey much more through the energy that is emitted, without the limitation of worded expression. And so, we find that we are the ones that interpret the vibrations from our heart. Much like we do when receiving information from our guides.

These means of communing will be growing and expanding as we use them more and more. And when we “tune-in” and allow these expressions to come forth, they will prove their worth. For we will see how much our reality expands as well as our knowledge.

Our “goal” should be to maintain and embellish the state of being that we are in, when we are communing with our Sacred-Heart chakra in meditation. If we would maintain this state of being throughout the day, we wouldn’t experience the amount of disharmony we typically come across. For it is impossible, from this state of being, or vibrational frequency of energy. Remember, where our attention is, there we are. What we dwell upon, we become.

As we build the momentum of being in and maintaining this state of harmony, peace and love, we pass a certain balance-point. And when this is passed, our reality reflects this state as a primary expression throughout our days. In other words, we transition from the disharmonious experiences. We tend to only come into the states that are ever harmonious, peaceful and full of love.

And this brings about the ability to expand the illumination. We gain more of the purity of the universal light substance. Or we receive more prana in its pure and Divine state. For we are not in a state that “taints” the energy through “filters” of negativity.

And this increase our ability to maintain the peaceful, harmonious and loving state even further. And under ever-more disharmonious states. For we are “strengthening” our spiritual muscles. As we use these more and more, consciously, we grow exponentially. We bring back our Divine gifts of Mastery. For we will then begin mastering our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies.

We must be accomplishing these through our consciousness in our “waking” reality, in order to bring these “gifts” into this level of density. For when we are consciously creating, we are in the quantum state of consciousness. We are working within the quantum reality of consciousness.

For rather than being at the mercy of Creation, we are taking our path seriously and Creating our reality. Through conscious mastery of all of our lower-bodies. When we can control our thoughts, emotions, physical and quasi-physical manifestations through consciousness; we are well underway to being 5th dimensional expressions. For in the 5th dimension our every creation is manifested immediately.

We have many that are awaiting to assist us in this final push towards mastery. For they are ever desirous of seeing us express the truth of who we are, in this now moment. And they will work as sincerely as we are willing to work with ourselves. The only limitation to the process, is any that we would choose to express. For in truth, there are none.

divine light

We are Divinity Manifest, Here and Now. We are bringing back the Divine knowledge and wisdom, as we remember. We are bringing back the 5th dimensional realm, in our reality throughout the whole of Gaia. We are returning to the truth of who we truly are. Unlimited Luminous Beings of the Divine. Ascending, yet another planetary body of the Galaxy and Universe. Furthering the Divine Light in all that we meet, interact with, dream and imagine.

Always Creating from our endless here and now, moments. Calling forth the knowledge from the akasha. Integrating all of our experiences. Realizing that everything in Creation is valid and has purpose and meaning. For without the darkness, one wouldn’t recognize the true brightness of the light. Without the forgetting, one couldn’t experience the joy of remembering. Without the expression of what does not serve, one wouldn’t be able to recognize what does serve.

Integrate and expand in balance. For this is the path of illumination. And this brings about the joy, harmony, peace and love divine.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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